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Monday 31 January 2011

THE STREETS - Going Through Hell - EP - Released today

The Streets new single Going Through Hell (on 679)
is available to buy now on  iTunes

Going Through Hell - EP Tracklisting

1. Going Through Hell
2. Going Through Hell (Diplo Remix)
3. Going Through Hell (TMV vs Dot Rotton Remix)
4. Going Through Hell (Lil Silva Remix)
5. Going Through Hell (Explicit Video)

Buy Going Through Hell - EP - here

The Streets highly praised new single with the very stunning vocal additions from Rob Harvey (formerly of The Music) is taken from the fifth and final album Computers and Blues due for release on 7th February.

Going Through Hell is heavier than you would usually expect from The Streets, Mike Skinner always swore he would do a rock song one day - well I think he has got suitably close with this one.

Mike Skinner's voice is velvety smooth and audibly clear as he breaks-open the song in typical Skinner style "it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog".

What I love about Mike Skinner's lyrics is how unique, original, witty and best of all - every song he deems fit to release to his public is fuelled with wisdom, truths and morals. Going Through Hell is no exception "I wouldn't say a word 'till id'e walked a mile in your shoes". 

Robert Harvey is blessed with a voice anyone would be proud and honoured to work with, he is an asset to Mike Skinner's amazing ten + years service to the music industry. Listen to every layer of Going Through Hell and how well it has been mixed and produced, it's a classic in the making!

This song is immense and it is LikeTheSound's recommended tune of the week.






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Saturday 29 January 2011

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets Gig Invite for Tonight ***if you’re in Copenhagen***

Mike Skinner just sent  this message out for his fans

***if you’re in Copenhagen***

...and want to come to the gig tonight, check out the mike scanner app quickly…

make sure you’ve got the latest version

Follow the latest updates for the Gig tonight here on
Mike Skinner and The Streets Facebook page
and if you haven't got it already and you are an iphone user, you can download your
Mike Scanner App here on iTunes

Wednesday 26 January 2011

The new - Mike Scanner - App

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets has got his own App, the Mike Scanner App, and I highly recommend you get it on your iPhone now.

So here's what to do

1. Download the ‘mike scanner’ App from the App store, don’t worry it’s free.

2. Then, you will need to scan two barcodes into your new electronic streets portal.
    The first barcode is the one shown HERE ...
    The second is the one from the side of a 300g tin of tomato soup by a well known brand.

On his blog, Mike Skinner then went on to say, teasingly and warmly "good luck in your mission streets peeps. when you’re in morrisons and you’re confused and you hate me, just remember that we at beat stevie unconditionally love you."

When you get the App, and pass the barcodes, you will then have access to a complete classic of a mixtape titled CYBERSPACE AND REDS featuring Kano, LoudMouth Melvin, Wiley, Rinse, Trim, Wretch and many more. The word for CYBERSPACE AND REDS is spreading fast with great excitement and high praise.

Or you can go to  iTunes and download the Mike Scanner App here

Remember, This is the The Streets App. It includes a barcode scanner which you can use to scan everyday items and receive exclusive content and anything else that Mike might find in the back of the studio. Music, videos, tickets. If you like The Streets it will be good. If not this is the wrong app for you.

The app is also an easy way to get the latest news from Mike Skinner's blog as well as some exclusive tracks.

Follow Mike Skinner on twitter @skinnermike

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Friday 21 January 2011

The Streets - Computers and Blues (Deluxe Version) Order now!

The Streets - Computers and Blues (Deluxe Version) Order now!

Computers and Blues - Delux Version on iTunes

With the Deluxe version of The Streets fifth and final album titled Computers and Blues - due out on 7th February, for just £1 more than the standard you'll get 2 extra tracks In The Middle and Lovelight.
I'm so pleased that Lovelight has made it to the album after-all, it is the wayney vibes (Wayne Bennett) track -

"I've got to give you to... Mr Michael, he has some lyrics for you"

- of awesome proportions. Or as Mike told me back in April 2009 on twitter Re: Lovelight ...

Skinnermike @Addolorata1 wayney on vocals going hard. wayney on bass going hard. wayney on chips going hard. wayney on swells going hard ... Niceee!

"The Lovelight of my life, is 82% water, it's a mystery being mortal, as much water as I can drink, I know is good but unfortunately it's taste is of small interest, sipped in a boring ritual, if I walk an hour to drink, after walking countless minutes, I think it's the same drink but my gosh this water taste's of silk".... So Skinner, so excellent!

Mine is on order and you can Pre Order the 16 track Deluxe version of Computers and Blues now for an expected delivery on the release date of 7th February 2011.

Pre-Order now on iTunes


Thursday 20 January 2011

The Streets announced for Benicassim 2011

The Streets have been announced for Benicassim (Spain) 2011.

Date + Time : 14 July at 20:00 - 17 July at 23:00
Tickets available now on  HMV 
The Streets, who have already announced their Computers and Blues Tour dates Here .... along with the release of their fifth and final album due out 7th February, are an exciting addition for FiberFib’s July 2011 line-up joining the likes of Mumford & Sons, CatPeople, Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Portishead, The Strokes, Beirut, Elbow, Primal Scream and Tinie Tempah.

For more information on Benicassim 2011, line-up, tickets, travel where to sleep and getting around visit the official  FiberFib web site

Buy your Benicassim 2011 tickets now on HMV

Buy tickets to see The Streets live Artist (Hurry, selling fast!)

Follow The Streets on the official blog


Saturday 15 January 2011

Faith SFX - All From The Mouth *Mixtape*

Faith SFX - All From The Mouth *Mixtape*

Faiths new project Man or Machine is coming soon!

Front Cover


01.Intro (Live Interlude)
02.Grime Scene Warning Ft.Double S,Maverick & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
03.Skengbox Ft.Frisco (produced by FaithSFX)
04.Violence in the music Ft.Mega 12 & Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
05.Same Old Song Ft.Chipmunk (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
06.(Live Interlude 2)
07.Swagga Like Who Ft.Voltage,Realist & Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX & Skitz Beatz)
08.Unfamiliar Territory Ft.Maxsta (produced by FaithSFX & Skeamz)
09.Mr.Miagi Ft.Skits The Artist (produced by Rude Kid)
10.DJ Gone Freestyle Ft.Lowkey (Street Interlude)
11.Grime VS Hip Hop Ft.Lowkey (produced by Dot Rotten)
12.I'm Going Hard Ft.Dot Rotten (produced by FaithSFX & Angry)
13.Shutdown Ft.Blade Brown, Don Strapzy & Un4given (produced by FaithSFX)
14.Spit Yo Game  Ft.Scrufizzer (produced by FaithSFX)
15.(Live Interlude 3)
16.Under The Influence Ft.Voltage (produced by FaithSFX)
17.Material Girls Ft.Bashy  (produced by FaithSFX)
18.Body Ina Hole Ft.Shizzle (produced by FaithSFX & Goose)
19.After Everything Ft.Liam Green (produced by FaithSFX)
20.(Live Interlude 4)
21.Give Me That Ft.K.I.G (produced by FaithSFX)
22.My Life Ft.Harvey (produced by FaithSFX)
23.Westwood Freestyle 2010 (Radio Interlude)
24.Sip Instrumental (produced by FaithSFX)

Back cover

Download Faith SFX 'All From The Mouth vol.1' free mixtape now -

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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Stylah - Killa Team UK Remix feat Malik, R.I.O., Wariko, K'ners + Kof

Stylah, never one to go with the grain has opted for a UK regional lineup for the first official remix to his underground smash Killa.

"Everyone draws for their people or who's hot in London for most remixes, in the US remixes unite different markets and regions from across the whole of the States so that's what I wanted to do with this version - put together a real team UK with people repping from all over".

Featuring on the remix are some of the hottest talent from outside the capital including Malik (MD7) from Birmingham, R.I.O. from Manchester, Wariko from Notts, K.Ners from Bristol and Kof from Liverpool.

Download on Divshare


Download on Sendspace

The soon to be unveiled 2nd official remix to Killa will be the London All Stars remix featuring Ghetts, Goodz, Skibadee + more TBC.

Buy Stylah's album Treading Water from iTunes now!

Buy Treading Water on iTunes

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Watch - Wretch 32 Channel 4 Interview.

Watch - Wretch 32 Channel 4 Interview.

Having already collaborated with Chipmunk, Wiley, Sway and LikeTheSound's featured artist Mike Skinner, Wretch 32 is heavily supported by radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra, Kiss FM and Choice FM. and already has a popular twitter with over 31,416 followers, a blog and has his own website you can expect to see Wretch 32 continue to achieve big things!!

Channel 4 tv caught up with the man himself for this interview

Follow Wretch 32 on Twitter @Wretch32

Vote for Wretch 32 on MTV Brand New for 2011

Follow LikeTheSound for future support/updates on Wretch 32

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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Clare Maguire - Watch The Last Dance Video

Clare Maguire - Watch The Last Dance Video

This is the video for LikeTheSound's favourite girl with a voice so strong it makes you feel helpless - Clare Maguire's forthcoming single The Last Dance which is due for release on 20th February .
She was heavily involved in the making of this video and has said she is really happy and proud. It compliments the sentiment of the song in a beautiful way.

The video for The Last Dance is directed by Alex & Liane.

Clare Maguire - The Last Dance (Official Video) HD

Clare Maguire is currently in Newcastle for day 2 of a radio tour, while yesterday she was in Glasgow at Clyde One to record an acoustic session.

The Last Dance is taken from the debut album Light After Dark released 28 February 2011

Here is Clare's acoustic version of James Breakage remix of 'Ain't Nobody' for The Sun session

Ain't Nobody acoustic

Pre-order a signed copy here: Light After Dark ( Exclusive Signed Copies)

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Cyberspace and Reds Mixtape - The Streets

Cyberspace and Reds Mixtape - The Streets

News in from Mike Skinner on The Streets official blog , The Cyberspace and Reds Mixtape album - not to be confused with Computers and Blues -  is coming together. With guest vibes from Trim, Loudmouth, Wretch and hopefully Kano as well as many more barzmen who have influenced and inspired him over the course of his 10 years in the game. "We crowd sourced the cover artwork (thanks again to @lukeferrar), maybe we should crowd source some barz. so I’ll post up a beat on  tommorow and then if anyone thinks they’re any good at rapping they should spit on it and post it back up there.  if any of them are overly boom we’ll put them on the the final work of darts. mix it up like gumbo" he said, so come on everybody, give it your best shot!

Pre-order The Streets new album Computers and Blues here ....


Mike Skinner - The Streets ***rehearsals day 1*** - Video.

Mike Skinner - The Streets ***rehearsals day 1*** - Video.

Today is the start of great times ahead, times that will be held dear in our memories where ever we are. Today is the day The Streets begin rehearsals at a secret underground bunker in Hemel Hempstead.
To mark this special occasion, we received from Mike Skinner on The Beats YouTube channel ...

***rehearsals day 1***

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Monday 10 January 2011

The Streets - Going Through Hell (Lil Silva Remix)

The Streets - Going Through Hell (Lil Silva Remix)

This is an excellent remix of The Streets new single Going Through Hell. Looks like this is going to go down really well across the club circuits. It is complimentary to the original version introducing percussion, bass and synths, leaving the finished remix in an impressive state.

Lil Silva is a 20 year old, up-and-coming Bedford UK based Experimental producer well worth following up.

Download The Streets - Going Through Hell (Lil Silva Remix) and support.

Lil Silva - Going Through Hell RMX v3 on Soundcloud Addolorata

Follow Lil Silva on Twitter

'Like' Lil Silva on Facebook

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Saturday 8 January 2011

Demand The Streets to Bexleyheath on Eventful

Demand The Streets in Bexleyheath!
The Streets in Bexleyheath - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Bexleyheath events on Eventful

The Streets - OMG (Rip) BRAND NEW on ItsJustMeAndTheMusic YouTube channel

Many thanks to YouTube user Col!n ItsJustMeAndTheMusic for ripping this massive tune from The Streets titled OMG. It will be officially released on 18th April and is taken from The Streets new album Computers and Blues which is due for release on 7th February - I can't wait!!!
Watch out for a LikeTheSound review for OMG a little nearer to the single release date.
Thanks to The Streets and The BBC, OMG was played on Zane Lowe's show on BBC Radio 1 on 06/01/2011.

The Streets - OMG (Rip) BRAND NEW

Follow The Streets of the official blog

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Friday 7 January 2011

***an english corner*** video short by Mike Skinner - The Ashes

Mike Skinner justifies a beautifully worded report from The Guardian Sports writer Mike Selvey as the subject matter for his latest video creation titled ***an english corner*** on The Beats official youtube channel.
Mike Selvey is the Guardian's cricket correspondent. He played three times for England, and famously dismissed Roy Fredericks, Viv Richards and Alvin Kallicharran with his first 20 balls, finishing with 4 for 41, in his first Test against the West Indies in 1976. Today, on 7th January Mike Selvey wrote this piece as part of his England Ashes victory over Australia report.

"They came in their thousands to form an English corner of a foreign field for the climax, a day of days in the history of the England team and another one of abject misery for a once-proud Australian team fallen on hard times. Not even the snap showers washing in to interrupt play, and a flatness to the team on the field, could deny them a third overwhelming victory which came, by an innings and 83 runs, at 11.56, four minutes before the Shipping Forecast, and just as Billy the Barmy Trumpeter was playing a poignant Last Post for the demise of Australian cricket." by Mike Selvey

***an english corner*** video short by Mike Skinner

At present, Mike Skinner is not only busy making excellent video shorts, he also brings us Casting Down Your Pod, on a weekly basis, he has a new single titled Going Through Hell out on 31st January and the highly anticipated new album Computers and Blues due out on 7th February of which he will be taking on the road for the Computers and Blues Tour kicking off at the Edinburgh Picture House on 18th February and rounding off at the O2 Brixton Academy on 5th March.

In the video ***an english corner***, Mike Skinner, a handsome young Englishman, is heard reading from his corner a paragraph from Mike Selvey's report in today's Guardian, no newbie to cricket, back in May 2009 Skinner was sat in the sun at Lords watching the 1st Test.
One assumes Skinner has just enjoyed his beverage from the white Audio Engineering mug which he bought back from his visit last November to the 129th Audio Engineering Society convention in San Fransisco where he also met Timberland's mix engineer Jimmy Douglas, fell in love with an Electric Harp and bought a new Burberry jacket.
On learning the victorious news that England has won the Ashes over Australia, he falls into a dream with the sound of rejoicing so near you are nearly there as he tells the news, and then, suddenly, he wakes "WHERE AM I?" he calls, was it a dream? Surreal.

Today, Mike Selvey told me that he does of course know of Mike Skinner and heard his work. When asked what Mike Selvey thought of Mike Skinner's video ***an english corner***, he said "Mike Skinner's video short here is just flattering really. actually makes it sound readable. my kids will think im seriously cool now."

Congratulations to England's glory. Thank you Mike Skinner for a beautiful tribute.

On Twitter

Follow @skinnermike
Follow @guardian_sport

Wednesday 5 January 2011

***in the steam room*** by Mike Skinner with Ted Mayhem

***in the steam room*** by Mike Skinner with Ted Mayhem

" ... so I was sitting in the steam room and I got chattin' to this guy and he was... we was talking about our family and stuff 'n' I was telling him about my family, and at one point he said isn't it amazing how we've all ended up here like this, isn't it amazing y'know, as a human race, and at first I agreed with him, but as I lay there in all of the steam as it was surrounding my body I suddenly realised that it isn't strange. If you took say a hundred thousand sheets of paper and laid them all end to end, side by side on a football pitch and then you kicked a football at random as hard as you could there would almost be an infinite possibility that the ball would not land where the ball landed. But the ball has to land somewhere. So the fact that we've ended up here with two eyes, one mouth, a nose, ears, it's not really strange because the fact that we're talking about it means that we are here and we could have just as easily evolved to have green skin and only communicate by infrared. In a sense he was talking absolute rubbish .... "

***in the steam room*** by Mike Skinner with Ted Mayhem

Mike Skinner, the deep thinker, just don't expect a shallow "yeah" when he can absorb, digest, regurgitate and spit it back out in a state that is better than it went in as.

***in the steam room***

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Teezy, born Kye Lawrence Hughes attended the prestigious Sylvia Young’s Drama School, Teezy was also chosen by Roc Nations very own founder and global superstar, Jay Z, out of 500 young hopefuls to star as his ‘Mini Me’ on the ‘Hard Knock Life’ tour due to his outstanding performance skills and his phenomenal stage presence. Teezy and Jay Z appeared together on many music television shows.

LikeTheSound has already been supporting Teezy, my persoanl favourite being Hello Hi - Watch Hello Hi - here...

Teezy's new video for Spoilt Brat. Directed by Quason Matthew

Join Teezy on Facebook and let him know what you think!

Teezy Twitter -

Quason Matthews on Twitter - 

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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Raptor (D-Cypha) - Devil In A New Dress

Raptor (D-Cypha) - Devil In A New Dress

New freestyle from D-Cypha member Raptor over the Kanye West track 'Devil In A New Dress' taken from Raptor's upcoming mixtape 'Some Bad Advice'.

On Youtube

Raptor (David Barclay), the North London based MC/Producer, whose
dad was the main vocalist of reggae band The Cedar Roots. They had a gathering in the UK reggae circuit.
Raptor’s first experience being involved in music started when close friend, Disturbed Blade noticed he has been writing bars invited him to his first set in summer 2000 which was recorded at DJ Spider house. The rest is making history.

The Download Raptor - Devil In A New Dress

You can follow Raptor on Twitter @RaptorDCY
or check his website out at

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New Casting Down Your Pod by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem

Brand new Casting Down Your Pod 1101 by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem.

Mean Machine Mayhem


01. Futile Devices - Sufjan Stevens
02. Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) - The XX
03. Ho! Riddim - Marco Del Horno
04. For The Rebels - Lynx
05. Between The Lines (feat SP MC) - Break
06. Wicked So - Playaz
07. Stereotype - Trim
08. Up All Night - Alex Clare
09. Amnesia Haze - Butch
10. Destroy - Mimi Westernhagen
11. Please Come To Boston - Harry Chapin


Thank you for introducing me to Please Come To Boston by  Harry Chapin, What a song!

Computers and Blues - The short film by The Streets.

Computers and Blues - The Short Film

Today The Streets are said to re-open with an interactive short film titled Computers and Blues. The much awaited album from which the film title is taken is due out on 31st January and the new single is scheduled for 7th February.

Coming soon .....

Don't miss the film, check The Streets Official Blog

and The Streets Official YouTube Channel - The Beats

Meanwhile, if you haven't read it already, read this excellent interview by Caspar Llewellyn Smith

For The Observer - titled Mike Skinner: Why I'm killing off the Streets


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