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Saturday 30 January 2010

Recommended Sites : DimeRock Records

Calzo Houdini - (Callum James Greens) is a duly respected Music Producer and director of DimeRock Records Ltd, the UK based record label and music production company founded in 2007. DimeRock Records have worked with some of the biggest names and companies in the industry, they describe themselves as being somewhere between indie and major because they have the backing of some of the world’s largest labels and production studios, but, work on a personal level with each of their artists and projects alike - this is no mean feat in a business where the two levels become worlds apart.

Warner Music have recently launched DimeRock Records new website ...

The site is being updated so keep checking them out.

The home page currently opens with full page video footage of Empire Of The Sun live at Parklife Sidney 2009.
From here you can access Blogs and News - Which includes an interesting take on
There is a comments box after entries so go ahead and let the world know if you agree with Callum's take or how you feel about the subject in general.

Artists and Bands and News is where you'll find all the latest Artists news such as LikeTheSound's favourite band The Streets ...

Albums & Music & Tracks - Do you love downloads, remixes and exciting new music like Example & DJ Wire's new mix tape? then this is the area I recommend you check frequently.
LikeTheSound posted August last year in awe of Calzo Houdini's really excellent remix of The Streets "Has It Come To This" titled  I'm Giving Your Bird Them Feelings

Check the page links for updates, downloads and further details of audio recording enquiries here 

The What? Who? Why? section will fill you in with The Record Label, Indie V. Major and whose who.

You can also follow DimeRock Records

DimeRock Records ... be ahead of the game and talk about them today because everyone else will be tomorrow.

Giggs "Don't Go There" FREE Stickers!

The excellent new Giggs single "Don't Go There" is due out 21st February 2010.
If you would like to get your FREE "don't go there"stickers.
Just email your address to

Saturday 23 January 2010

Come down and support - Haiti Cherie - With acts including Kevin Mark Trail


A night in solidarity for HAITI


Co-hosted by TY

Kevin Mark Trail,
K.I. Project,
Conrad The Scoundral,
Mangaliso asi,
Madame Pepper

& Many more!


Scratcha (rinse fm)
Fingaprint (Rinse fm)
Dj Lok (Doctor's orders)
Dj Fabia (Sensei fm)
Dj Thought
Dj Decio

+ Budokon UK & Belly Dancing

Start Time: Tuesday, 26 January 2010 at 19:00
End Time: Wednesday, 27 January 2010 at 00:00
Location: Proud Galleries, Main Room


Proud Galleries, Main room, The Horse Hospital, Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AH.


doors open at 7:30, £5 minimum donation

+ raffle tickets

Monday 18 January 2010

Maveric - Black Clouds EP FREE Download here

Maveric - Black Clouds. EP

Including Bonus - Tinchy Stryder - No Limits Ft Maveric, Rapid.
My personal favourite being The Great Depression. I stand tall for this one! Great work Maveric.

It's up for free here and now!

You won't regret it.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Get ready to Pre-Order THE STREETS final album COMPUTERS AND BLUES

Get ready to Pre-Order THE STREETS fifth and final album titled


HMV.COM & PLAY.COM have now listed
Computers and Blues as 'coming soon'

Mike Skinner revealed 15 songs for our pleasure during the making of Computers and Blues for his followers to preview via his Twitter page  It was a massively exciting time for us and it is going to be even better when it is released in it's full glory. Mike Skinner's lyrics are on top form, the production, vocals and music are exceptional.
My personal favourites of which I dearly hope will make the Computers and Blues final track list is

Roof Of Your Car
Love Light Of My Life
Where My Heart Has Been
A Blip On A Screen
Outside Inside
Long Working Day
See If They Salute
I Love My Phone (Version two)

(All titles correct at time of preview but may have changed since)

Computers and Blues is rumoured to be released on 23rd February 2010 but this has not been officially confirmed yet.

EXAMPLE Interview & Goal video for Soccer A.M + more

If you missed Example's interview and impressive goal for Soccer A.M on Saturday 02.01.10 - you can watch it here ...

Example Interview - Soccer A.M - Part 1.

Example Interview and goal - Soccer A.M - Part 2. 

And don't forget - as if you could - 18th January 2010 see's the release of Example's new single
Won't Go Quietly.

If you are seeing Example tonight (14th Jan 10) live @ Dingwalls venue in Camden, London, have a great time all! If you want to write a review of the show for Like The Sound, email your reviews to :

The best review will be published.

Monday 11 January 2010

Book Section : Writer of the Month : James Ellroy

Our first writer of the month for 2010, goes to America's best known Crime writer, James Ellroy.
Born in Los Angeles in 1948, his Father was an accountant, his Mother a Nurse - six years later his parents divorced, his Mother took James to El Monte, a poor income part of Los Angeles. Four years on - his Mother was murdered in 1958, and James had to return to his Father.
It was the murder of his mother that is the subject of his partially autobiographical book My Dark Places. He became interested in Crime writing as young as ten years old, inspired by such works as the the Hardy Boys and Jack Webb's The Badge : A history of the LAPD.
James and his father had not been re-united for long when his Father suffered a stroke, despite James efforts to care for him, his Father died while James was still in the tender years of being a teenager, he was then put in the "care" of a friend of his Father whom carried the nickname of a 'right-wing crackpot', needless to say, by the time James was 18, he was homeless, thieving, alcoholic suffering with bouts of schizophrenia and depression.
James Ellroy sold his first written novel by the age of thirty, titled Brown's Requiem a detective story which drew on his own experiences as a caddy. He then went on to release, Clandestine, Blood on the Moon, Because the NightSuicide Hill,  the watershed novel Black Dahlia,  his take on Homophobia in the 1950's with The Big Nowhere. 1990 saw the release of his  fast-paced LA Confidential from which Curtis Hanson's film of the same name was adapted.
In 1998, James Ellroy gave us LA Noir, A single-volume edition of three of the novels featuring Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins of Los Angeles. The first involves the apparently random killings of 20 women, the second a multiple murder committed with a pre-Civil-War revolver, and the third a conspiracy of police corruption.

James Ellroy's most recent work to date, is titled Blood's A Rover, completes a trilogy about the US in the 1960's and 70's of which James describes as a novel about conversion of belief.

It is James Ellroys bare capabilities and obsessive passion about his work that earns him my writer of the month.

 Watch the James Ellroy interview about Blood's A Rover for BBC News here ...

Please feel free to discuss this subject in the comments box below.

Saturday 9 January 2010

The Streets ft. Kano, Donaeo, Mike Skinner, Lady Sovereign & Tinchy Stryder

Time for a classic

Fit But You Know It (Remix)

The Streets ft. Kano, Donaeo, Mike Skinner, Lady Sovereign & Tinchy Stryder

'Fit But You Know It' was taken from The Streets second album - 'A Grand Don't Come For Free'
The MC Remix version is available on the 5 Track CD2 Official release.

And the 'Fit But You Know It' original release video can be seen on

 TheBeats YouTube Channel

Friday 8 January 2010


If you are on Facebook and you love Dubstep, indulge yourself with a feast of Dubstep Citizenship and join the WORLD OF DUBSTEP. It's a hot-spot for sharing video's, reviews and gigs.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Like The Sound Exclusive - Getting to know TheAA in interview

Back in August '09, I was spreading the love for TheAA, see here...  TheAA - If I Die
So I was well chuffed when TheAA got in touch and said they would like to do an exclusive interview with Like The Sound.

So lets start ... Getting to know TheAA

Addolorata : Who are TheAA?

DubbZ and K-Kay

Addolorata : What genre/scene would you say your music is in?

DubbZ and K-Kay : We have a philosophy that music shouldn't be genred-but if you have to Rap HipHop, RnB, and we believe in fusing different types of music together to create unique music.

Addolorata : Where and when did it all begin for TheAA?

DubbZ and K-Kay : We linked up while in university in Manchester through a mutual friend- Dubbz was studying chemistry while KK studied multimedia technology

Addolorata : What does the name stand for?

DubbZ and K-Kay : The African Alliance

Addolorata : Why TheAA?

DubbZ and K-Kay : Well we went with that particular name simply because we are a group of Afro-Brits with the common denominator being our love for music. KK and I spearhead the crew but we got producers, singers, songwriters, designers from Manchester, London, Kenya, Jamaica, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leonne - you name it.. And one of our underlying objectives is to promote BLACKNESS NOT DARKNESS, Africa and indeed the UK our unique fusion of cultures.

Addolorata : Who writes the songs?

DubbZ :  It varies really whoever comes with a banging hook 1st or whoever comes with a verse 1st, or if we wanna speak about certain serious issues i.e life in general, racism, politics, but not too deep as we just want to make music that will make people happy, etc-we operate on vibes we get off each other or situations we been in...KK comes up with most of our sexually explicit stuff

Addolorata : Who is your biggest influence?

DubbZ :  For me my main influences are like to many to mention, I've been influenced by Fela, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Bon Jovi, Shabba Ranks, Mad Cobra, Notorious B.I.G, Tupac and the list is endless. But to answer the question my biggest influence has to be Fela Anikulapo-Kuti -the man, the myth, the legend.

KK :  My influences varied really as I've been listening to music from when i was a kid, some of my biggest influcences will have to be Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Dr Dre, 2Pac, Biggie, Cold play, Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Jay z, Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti etc

Addolorata : What music have you been listening to lately?

KK :  I listen to all sorts of music really but at the moment what im mainly listening is the UK Hip Hop at the moment such as Giggs, Tinchy Stryder, Sway, Taio Cruz, Chipmunk etc

Addolorata : You went to the Mobo's this year - was it your 1st time?

DubbZ and K-Kay : Yeah it was our 1st time this year-it was alright but we in the UK need to step our game up major, especially in the urban scene. Because I feel we have more to offer to the world than we giving right now

Addolorata : What happened?

DubbZ :  I can't really remember to be honest. We weren't up for any awards or anything so we just went and got drunk and the vibe of being amongst your peers.

KK :  Actually I think we got drunk before we got there to be honest. Yeah but in general it was great as we got to rub shoulders with some of the UK heavy weights in the urban scene currently doing it big. So overall, it was a great feeling to be there

Addolorata : What was your highlight of 2009?

DubbZ : Highlight of 2009 for me has to be becoming a father personally ...

Addolorata : Congratulations!

DubbZ : ... and music-wise getting our distribution deal sorted..for now we're having to do everything ourselves so getting a company to sort the buisness side of things while we concentrate on the music is big.

Addolorata : Who would you like to collaborate with?

DubbZ and K-Kay : Would like to do a track with Taio Cruz cos he is currently dropping bangers at the moment plus i like the way he write his hooks.

Addoloata : Who was your best bet for the X Factor?

DubbZ : I stopped watching after Candy Rain went out in week 1.

KK :  I stopped watching after week three i think. I think it was all shambles.

Addolorata : What's next for TheAA?

DubbZ and K-Kay : Album dropping in 2010, 1 or 2 more singles before thats....We've just finished shooting a video for our newest single, Fever... which should be dropping between January and Febuary and also we're working on our own clothing line, The Articulate Aces clothing, so we're looking for positive things for 2010 really.

Addolorata : Thank you so much, DubbZ and K-Kay

DubbZ and K-Kay : No thank you

Keep checking us out for more on TheAA's new album, the video for the brand new single titled Fever and The Articulate Aces clothing range.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Happy New Year Y'all

2010 is gonna be a banger in music! To kick us off in January and February we have new albums from The Streets  and TheAA, watch this space because I have an exclusive interview coming up with TheAA very soon.

If you like the sound - follow us here and get your friends to follow us too for all the latest sounds, video's news and exclusives.

Happy new year.



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