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Sunday 19 June 2011

With regret The Streets International Film Festival is cancelled.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival
announced this morning that The Streets International Film Festival event will be cancelled as will a number of UK festival dates.

The EIFF  said "It is with great regret that we announce Mike Skinner will be unable to attend the Edinburgh International Film Festival this Sunday 19th June, due to unforeseen personal circumstances. His event, The Streets International Film Festival, Sunday 19th June will be cancelled with all ticket holders refunded in full. The singer will also be cancelling a number of UK festival dates".

Mike Skinner was confirmed alongside eight other guests to curate the 65th Edinburgh Film Festival back in February and was due to stage an experimental performance event based on his favourite movie moments today.

Mike Skinner commented :

"It is with great regret that I'm unable to be in Edinburgh on Sunday for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. My wife and I are expecting a baby and there have been some sudden unexpected circumstances involving the birth that we need to be in hospital for over the weekend. I was very much looking forward to participating in this year’s event and presenting my own take on my favourite films and hope the Festival has a fantastic year. I am sure I will be back to visit the film festival in some capacity in the future."

James Mullighan, Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival added:

"We are deeply saddened to hear that Mike is unable to attend and our thoughts go out to him and his family at this time."

Source :

My heartfelt wishes go to Mike Skinner, his wife and family and sincerely hope for some joyous news from Mike and his family very soon.


 Link : Mike Skinner and The Streets Facebook page


Wednesday 15 June 2011

Mike Skinner - Here and now - at the EIFF

Mike Skinner : Here and now ...

The 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival 2011 kicked off today and runs through till 26th June during which, Mike Skinner will stage an experimental performance event based on his favourite movie moments.
EIFF was one of the world's first international film festivals and is still one of the world's longest-running film festivals.

Mike Skinner was confirmed alongside eight other guests to curate the 65th Edinburgh Film Festival back in February. He is now on the road, closing his 'AKA' The Streets. You can catch him this Friday, 17th June in Poland for the Orange Warsaw Festival. More dates for Mike Skinner/The Streets will be posted on the Here and now. 

Earlier this year, Mike Skinner introduced his fifth and final album Computers and Blues with a remarkable interactive short promo film titled ***Computers and Blues Interactive Film***

Computers and Blues the album is available to buy on iTunes

Don't forget to visit Soundcloud, every Thursday for another dose of The D.O.T


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Wednesday 8 June 2011

BEAT STEVIE RADIO featuring MIKE SKINNER on Domino Radio

Beat Stevie Radio featuring Mike Skinner on Domino Radio

On Monday 6th June, 11pm Beat Stevie Radio took over Domino pop-up Radio for a glorious hour of music accompanied by Magic Mike Millrain and his wooden headphones, humorous discussions between Mike Skinner and his 'partner in crime' Ted Mayhem about completely changing jobs every 7 years, giant squids that could be able to speak for all we know if we weren't too lazy to go find out and it's all because of power distance, yes... and building pyramids! a lesson in the safest way to fly John Travolta's plane, Dr Dre headphone's and what did being in Cannes teach Mike Skinner

Go to the archives on Domino Radio to find out.

My highlight of the show : Was that beautiful 5 seconds when Mike Skinner sang 'Stayin' Alive'! by the legendary Bee Gees -  A magic moment!

If you missed Beat Stevie Radio, all the Domino Radio shows will be archived on after broadcast, complete with tracklistings.

Domino Radio is broadcasting live on  this site   and 87.7FM in London
Listen to Domino Radio Live

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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Nycest Emcee & Rah Digga - We Dont Care (Prod. by K Slack)

Take a listen to Nycest Emcee & Rah Digga - We Dont Care (Prod. by K Slack) I'm a big fan of K Slack's work so I was confident this was going to be a track worth vibeing to and trust me it is!.

Hip Hop artist Nycest Emcee is no stranger to K Slack, they have been working together cooking up beats for Nycest's album The Departure where K Slack does a finely tuned 80% of the production.
American rapper Rah Digga Real name Rashia Fisher, lends her 'Classic' style and skill to this pumping, energetic track.

To learn more about K Slack, read my exclusive, indepth and personal interview with K Slack here ...

You can find

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Sunday 5 June 2011

The Streets - Live @ We, The People Festival - Sunday 5th June 2011

The Streets - Here and Now .....

The Streets are playing live at We, The People Festival today.

Where : We, The People Festival,
Bristol Harbour,
Canon's Way,
Bristol, Avon BS1 5LL.

When : Sunday 5th June 2011

Set time : 21.30 - 22.30

Main Stage Line Up :

THE STREETS 21.30-22.30 (Headlining)
SUB FOCUS LIVE 20.00-21.00
BEN UFO DJ 19.30-20.00
DOOM 18.50-19.30
BEARDYMAN 18.00-18.40
YASMIN LIVE 17.15-17.45
GASLAMP KILLER 16.00-16.50
DELS 15.30-16.00
ENGINE EARZ 14.30-15.15

This is an OVER 18 ONLY EVENT

Check official site for further details

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Friday 3 June 2011

Exclusive Interview with Spencer Leven - Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely Film Producer and Assistant Director

Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely

With all the positive vibes I have been hearing about an exciting new Rock and Roll road movie, I couldn't wait to interview Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely Producer and Assistant Director  Spencer Leven.  We spoke about mental party moments, Noel Gallagher, Pete Doherty, tattoo's and of course Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely. So what's it all about? Read on ....

Addolorata : What has your roll been to the film Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Producer and Assistant Director

Addolorata : How did you get involved?

Spencer : Me and Josh, the writer director, have worked together for about 7 years, since we made the visuals for the Streets 10 rounds tour. So have been on board since the beginning, before it was an idea and we were living it.

Addolorata : Who wrote Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Josh Bagnall

Addolorata : Tell us what the film is about?

Spencer : The film is a dark and fantastical touring tale with a little rock n' roll on the side just for good measure. This is a road movie. This is a rock and roll drama, a tale that exposes the rumors surrounding a mythical festival tour, or is it just the drugs?.

Addolorata : What names can we look forward to see in it?

Spencer : Pete Doherty, Joel Fry, Mik Whitnall, Anton Saunders, Crispian Belfrage, Lee Whitlock and Michael starke

Addolorata : Who has done the soundtrack?

Spencer : Morgan Nichols - (Muse, Gorrilaz, Senseless Things.) Eddie Jenkins - (The Streets, Example, Lily Allen and DJ.) Jonny Jenkins - (The Streets, Example, Lily Allen.) Mick Whitnall - (Babyshambles.) Peter Doherty - (Babyshambles,The Libertines.) Rich De Rosa - (Scubaroots.)

Addolorata : Is this your debut film production?

Spencer : Yes

Addolorata : Are you a trained dancer?

Spencer : Yes

Addolorata : Where did you train?

Spencer : Boden Studios and North London Dance Studio

Addolorata : When did you decide you wanted to be a film producer/Director?

Spencer : Not long after making my first Music Video, Harvey Nicks - The Mitchell Brothers, I knew I wanted to make a film, didn't actually think i'd get to do it

Addolorata : Didn't work for this film start in 2008? Were you happy with the time span it took to get this film finished?

Spencer : Would have loved for it to be quicker, but pulling in every favour you've ever earnt and then some, takes time to schedule

Addolorata : Who is funding this film?

Spencer : Our fuck’n’lovely friends and family.

Addolorata : What was the most nerve-wrecking moment in the making of Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : There were lots of them most of which I cant mention! But filming Pete's car scene when he wasn’t allowed into London or the front seat of car proved problematic. Making us run over on the next scene which meant shooting a party scene in the morning with very tired extras, needless to say most hit the cutting room floor.

Addolorata : How did you deal with that?

Spencer : A lot of clever editing.

Addolorata : Most memorable moment during filming?

Spencer : There were lots of mental party moments, as this film was made in true rock and roll style, but actually it was when we were filming A tour bus driving scene with Michael Starke (Simbad from Brookside), we were using Oasis tour bus parked outside their gig, I was stood by a lighting stand spinning lights to look like passing traffic and Michael was walking round going through his lines when someone shouted "My Mum loves you" looked round and it was Noel. They got chatting and we got behind schedule, we had kinda stolen there tour bus though.

Addolorata : What else have you done between leaving North London Dance Studio and Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Danced for a few years in London, Edinburgh, Las Vegas and Europe, Threw some events and parties, toured with The Streets making a dvd , made visuals for lots of artists, Streets, Madness, Mary j Blige, Rolldeep, Adf, Made a load of music videos,Took Pro Green on his first tour and then to the power summit in the Bahamas, made a short, worked on some films, pierced my nipple, had a couple of tattoos, Broken my nose a few times, grazed my knee, fell off a swing, Lived, Loved, Laughed, Nearly Died, had a lot of fun and thats just what I can remember

Addolorata : That sound's like a lot of fun! Have your family been supportive of your production and your career choice?

Spencer : I've been blessed with a large extended family, were all very close and they've been great.

Addolorata : That is a blessing, it's priceless. What is the one question you wish I had asked but haven't?

Spencer : Would you like a drink?

Addolorata : Would you like a drink Spencer?

Spencer : Yes Please, A brandy and coke...Double Standard

Addolorata : Hahaha! Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely is currently in post production status, when is it likely to be released?

Spencer : The Film is complete, we are just negotiating the distribution after a successful trip to Cannes so VERY soon i hope, keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date info  Rock and Roll Fuck'n'lovely on Facebook

Addolorata : Do you have a new project in the pipeline?

Spencer :Yes we do :-) Can't wait to get fully stuck into that I'm very excited about this one...

Addolorata : What is your moto in life?

Spencer : All good things come to those who wait , but only whats left by those that hustle.

My next tattoo btw.

Thank you kindly Spencer Leven for a top interview.

Watch Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely OFFICIAL Teaser.

You can expect to hear a lot more from Spencer Leven,

Join Rock and Roll Fuck'n'lovely on Facebook.

Subscribe to the Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely Youtube Channel.

And watch out for his new project too!

How to contact Spencer Leven :

Twitter @PJKSpencer

Facebook Spencer Leven

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Thursday 2 June 2011

The Streets donate signed plectrum for Ben Sherman VIP Auction

The Streets have kindly donated a signed plectrum for Ben Sherman's V.I.P Charity Auction.

The auctions are in aid of Trekstock supporting young people with cancer and LIFEbeat Music Fights HIV, helps to educate young people about HIV/AIDS prevention.

Ben Sherman is a brand fortunate enough to consider many of the world’s finest musicians as both fans and friends, V.I.P is an auction of Very Important Plectrums, big names in music such as The Rolling Stones Keith Richards, Kings of Leon, Paul Weller, Weezer, Guillemots and The Streets have all donated their plectrums.  

The Streets, undoubtedly one of the most successful British Urban Music artists of all time, earning his stripes with triumphant debut album Original Pirate Material in 2002 and five outstanding albums on to the highly praised final Streets album Computers and Blues, Mike Skinner ( AKA The Streets) popped into Ben Sherman's showroom last week, here he is sporting a dapper Ben Sherman coat

The plectrum donated by The Streets is presented in a beautiful frame and signed by The Streets Robert Harvey. The plectrum was used to play Dry Your Eyes at the Brixton Academy, 5th March 2011.
Bidding, in aid of Trekstock - supporting young people with cancer is open for your bids now, so don't miss out - only a few days left.

At the time of writing this I'm currently the highest bidder at £55.00, whose going to outbid me? And who will be the final lucky bidder to have something truly unique from The Street's memorable music history.

Click below to place your bid now! Please take part ...

The Streets Plectrum - Ben Sherman V.I.P Auction - Ebay

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Scarz & Nights - Good Enough

Stephen 'Scarz' Boateng is a hungry 19 year old rapper from Stonebridge, North West London who decided to pursue a career in music at the age of 16, he joined a group called Young Breed, they released one mixtape called 'The Breed Is Young'. Scarz then went on to do 'The A.I.R' mixtape' with Kr4zy.
He has gone on to release tracks and freestyles via his YouTube channel such as No OtherGiggs ft Scarz - Look What The Cat Dragged In and New Edition.
Night's is London based UK Rap, Hip Hop artist who said music was in his blood from a young age as a listener, he has decided to put his foot down and take music seriously as a musician himself. Night's is now an up and coming artist slowly establishing a name for himself. His debut mixtape 'How we Livin Vol 1' is out now.

Scarz & Night's new video titled Good Enough is the latest visual by Sinikle. The song opens with a lovely piano piece, and moving beats "They didn't think I was good enough" warn Scarz & Night's, well this track has proved they certainly was good enough. Scarz & Night's blend well together, I hope they will bring us some more tunes.
Good Enough has earned LikeTheSound's support and is receiving encouraging reviews and positive feedback. You can support Scarz & Night's by following the links below.

Scarz on Youtube
Nights on Facebook
Scarz on Twitter
Nights on Twitter

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