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Friday 15 June 2012

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Join the Stroke Association's latest campaign for fair and effective social care.

In England, strokes are a major health problem. Every year over 150,000 people have a stroke and it is the third largest cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. The brain damage caused by strokes means that they are the largest cause of adult disability in the UK.

Campaign here...

Saturday 2 June 2012

New : The D.O.T Diary May 12

Ahh! I'm crazy for the latest serving of The D.O.T Diary - May 12. This is just my kinda thing.
Don't waste time trying to figure out what's going on, just watch it, enjoy it and bits and pieces will fall into place, the rest? well, were not meant to know it all just yet.
So, the boys have attended the grandeur's of Cannes festival and the infra-red photographic artwork for the D.O.T's debut E.P is on it's way. Mike Skinner revealed some examples earlier in May and it's looking deep, cranberry-fied and mysterious. I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hand.

Note the gorgeous little boy in the video, doesn't he have an elegant and eye-catching little face for films? Excellent filming, editing and sound. Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey both impress and humour as always, cross-examining sanity at it's finest. ....insanity?... or was that supersonic audio deceptions?

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Watch and Listen :  The-DOT.Net

Check out Mike Skinner's highly recommended official blog

Monday 21 May 2012

R.I.P : Celebrating the extraordinary life of Robin Gibb

It is a very sad time to hear that the Bee Gees Singer and Songwriter has lost his long battle with Colon Cancer and Intestinal Cancer yesterday, Sunday 20th May 2012 10:46. Aged just 62 years old.

The Bee Gees brothers, Barry, Maurice and Robin born to English parents moved from the Isle of Man to Manchester before settling to Australia. The nippers where singing in perfect harmony at an early age, so well infact, that their mother thought the harmonies floating from the front room was coming from the radio. Well, she was almost right, because further to those beautiful days of their youth, the Gibb brothers went on to sell over two hundred million records world wide.

While Barry Gibb had control of the melodic falsetto, Robin bared the the most heart-felt beseeching vocals. Along with Maurice who died nine years ago of complications resulting from a twisted intestine, the Bee Gees created the greatest hooks that stay in your heart forever with hits such as Jive Talkin', Nights On Broadway, Stayin' Alive, Immortality and How Deep Is Your Love.

The Bee Gees were masters of reinventing themselves which I believe is what kept them so fresh throughout five decades of continuously high standards of hit songs.

Their voices blended together in perfect harmony, their sound is legendarily unique in par with no one.

Robin Gibb said of their song-making techniques "We would write the melodies for the whole song first and then we would write the lyrics" and Neil Sedaka once said "The Bee Gees song writing is pristine" and I think that says it all.

My deepest sympathies go out to the last remaining Bee Gee and Brother Barry Gibb.

Let the celebrations of Robin Gibbs extraordinary life of music, with his brothers Maurice and Barry begin with some of my very favourite songs of the Bee Gees.

Bee Gees - Massachusetts

Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Melbourne 1989)

Bee Gees - I've Gotta Get a Message to You - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia

Bee Gees - Run To Me

Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven

Robin Gibb - Islands In The Stream (Acoustic version)

This is my very favourite of all the Bee Gees finest works...

Bee Gees - I started A Joke

If you enjoyed this and you are going to buy music by the Bee Gees, LikeTheSound recommends

Bee Gees - Their Greatest Hits - on CD Universe

Friday 11 May 2012

New : The D.O.T Diary Apr 12

New : The D.O.T

Another excellent edition of The D.O.T Diary for April 12. Featuring Mike Skinner, Rob Harvey and some very interesting conversations.
Has anyone worked out who does the voice-overs yet?

The D.O.T Official site :

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Thursday 10 May 2012


Taken from the Mixtape 'Wake Up', this is the new Nate FT. Mr. Kamara track produced by Apollo Brown titled Sleep Walking.

for downloads and to purchase t-shirts check out
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YouTube: NateMusicTV

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Get your name down for The Beats party with Mike Skinner, Mike Millrain, Elro, The D.O.T and Man Like Me

The poster says it all! Following a 5 year closure, the legendary The Beats label run by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem formerly holding the like's of Kano, Professor Green, The Mitchell Brothers and Example have now re-opened with new signings Elro, The D.O.T and Man Like Me.

To celebrate the rebirth of The Beats, they are having a party at the Electricity Showrooms on 26th April. If you would like to go, all you have to do is:

 'Like' The Beats FB Page AND add your name in the comments box.

Mike Skinner and Mike Millrain will be your DJ's for the night and there will be live performances from Elro, The D.O.T and Man Like Me.

See poster for further details

Thursday 12 April 2012

Mr Mitchell - On The Roof Top

LikeTheSound: Mr Mitchell - On The Roof Top

Mr Mitchell performed an acoustic version of his single 'On The Roof Top' for a recent Dropout Live session.

You can buy Mr Mitchell - On The Roof Top now on iTunes

Watch more great video's on DropOutUK TV here on YouTube

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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Review : Elro - Bad News (feat. The D.O.T)

Bad News is the first release in 5years on the freshly re-opened The Beats label run by Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem formerly holding the like's of Kano, Professor Green, The Mitchell Brothers and Example.

Elro AKA Ian Llewellyn-Rowe is the 22 year old Hip Hop artists from Chepstow, Wales. He is already well established for his 'comical stuff' further to his days of being a stand up comic, you will soon get to appreciate his more serious side too, learning that Elro is diverse enough to work through a mixture of emotions, moods and styles which could pretty much please most of us over-time, so don't make the mistake of judging him from one song alone.

Bad News is an excellent and exciting place to start, with Elro's neat wordplay and his contumacious style of rap that urges to be listened to and understood, blessed with Robert Harvey's astoundingly brilliant vocal skills. The video is directed by Mike Skinner, filmed in what appears to be low level lighting that reminds me of the type of colour picture you'd get on an early 1970's TV, it also happens to blend very well with the moody tones of Bad News with explicit lyrics.

Released 9th April 2012, you can now purchase your Bad News
here on: Elro - Bad News (feat The D.O.T) iTunes

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@ElroRaps on Twitter

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The Beats Records on Facebook

Monday 9 April 2012

New music: Sway ft Kelsey - Level Up - Out now

Level Up is the new single by Sway on 3 Beat Records, produced By Flux Pavilion and featuring vocals from soulful newcomer Kelsey McHugh.

Mercury Music Prize nominated rapper Sway, described Level Up saying “The song is about winning, elevation, going from one stage in your life to a better one, I wanted to the capture that moment and that feeling we get when we feel like we've achieved something that will change your life.”

Sway is currently putting the finishing touches to his album ‘Deliverance’. It will be released later this year

Sway ft Kelsey - Level Up is available to buy now on iTunes

To compliment the release of the single Sway will be doing 3 tour dates in London, Glasgow and Manchester over the month of April in conjunction with Live Nation. Tickets for the events can be bought here :

Follow Sway on Twitter @SwayUK
Follow Kelsey on Twitter @Kelseysings

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For much more on Sway from LikeTheSound Click here

Tuesday 3 April 2012

An evening with Mike Skinner - Book signing - Liverpool

Mike Skinner will be signing copies of his irresistable new book titled The Story of The Streets.

Waterstones will be hosting this event at Leaf, the unique independent tea shop and bar in the heart of Liverpool city centre, on Wednesday 4th April with guest DJ's

Mike Skinner  said he is "looking forward to heading to liverpool on wednesday. to leaf on bold st for the second and last of my marathon book signings."

Tickets are free but limited to 2 per person - available from

Waterstones Booksellers,


14-16 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4DS

7:30pm. First Floor.

Follow Mike Skinner on  Twitter @skinnermike

The Story of The Streets is available to buy now at


Thursday 29 March 2012

Ikes - The Prologue - @ikesonthereal

Listen to this new tune from Ikes - The Prologue - @ikesonthereal 
IKES gives us the visuals to the latest thoughts on his mind in the 'The Prologue'.
The Prologue', which uses Rick Ross' 'Mafia Music 2' as a backing track, depicts the highs and lows that IKES experienced as a teen in order to make money to see a brighter day.
The video is shot and directed by Olan Colitto of Cardy Films, who has just joined IKES' lifestyle imprint, Port Mayfair, as the Head of Visual Creative.

Port Mayfair will be focusing on areas other than music, such as film and fashion, in the near future.
IKES will be releasing his next single, 'The Game's Back', featuring J Warner, in May, which is featured on his latest project 'The Intermission: Last Call'.

For more on Ikes from LikeTheSound Click here to open new window.

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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Books: The Story Of The Streets by Mike Skinner - Out now!

Books: The Story Of The Streets by Mike Skinner

The long awaited memoirs of Mike Skinner is out today. After carefully removing the Amazon packaging I was thrilled by the quality of the book. The dustcover is pure white with the famous The Streets clipper lighter blazoned across the front between the title The Story Of The Streets - the title alone sets a wave of excitement and if you are a hardcore Streets fan you are already guessing knowledgeably of the tales that are bound to be hiding within these pages.

The inside leaf of the jacket has an early black and white photo of Mike Skinner, looking very young, wide-eyed and unintentionally innocent - remarkably much as he still looks today!

The dustcover feels peachy - you want to keep stroking it as you chat about the subject matter in hand. Beneath the the dustcover is the hardback, revealing a black and white photograph by Rod Doyle covering from front to back of Mike Skinner crowd surfing amongst a sea of adoring arms and helping hands reaching out to touch, pull and push.

'This book is going to try and get as close as possible to the full story of what informed the noise of "The Streets". Obviously that's something I should be fairly well-qualified to know about, and I'm going to be as honest as the publisher's lawyers will allow.' ...

The adjoining first two pages are bright red. The pages feel lovely! good quality with a smooth grain in an off-white that I find easy on the eyes.

Unsure-at-first weather to include any photographs in his book, it was Mike Skinner's wife Claire, who persuaded him to do so and completed his buyers pleasure with a collection of treasurable photo's from his childhood to the present day. Given that they say  "One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words" you'll understand how essential it was to share these moments from the rise and rise of Mike Skinner to The Story of The Streets.

Today, Mike Skinner wrote on his blog "ladies and gents please meet Mr Ben Thompson. the nick cage of the self written story book. the ghost rider. without him this thing would be shit and full of chapters about microphones. aswell as long passages of hate filled sputum on losing pairs of glasses down the back of a TV. hope you enjoy our work"

                                                   Photo courtesy of

This is not a review of the book, that will be done when I have read it in full, this is mearely a teaser and with that I must add, Mr Skinner's wife is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen!

Thank you to all involved for a book that really feels worth owning in your hands and the facsinating photo collection with detailed descriptions with each picture. Now I'm going to sit back and begin reading my beloved edition of Mike Skinner's The Story Of The Streets.

Available at all good book stores now - including at - The Story Of The Streets

Bantam Books (Transworld Publishers a division of the Random House Group)

ISBN: 9780593068076

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Mike Skinner airs his 6 Music playlist - Sunday 25th March - BBC Radio 6 Music.

Mike Skinner - BBC 6 Music


Mike Skinner AKA The Streets is the next artist to share his 6 Music playlist which will include tracks from Benny Banks, Lady Leshurr, Man Like Me, Mord Fustang, Dillon Francis and J Jean amongst others.                                                                                      

Mike Skinner's highly anticipated memoirs titled The Story of The Streets is due for release on 29th March via Bantam Press.

Available at all good book stores in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition Pre-order now on Amazon

Follow Mike Skinner :  On Twitter @skinnermike

Source :

Saturday 17 March 2012

Reviews: Everything To Me (feat. Calzo Houdini) Shep 3rd

Everything To Me is the brand new single by upcoming Rap, Hip Hop and RnB Artist Shep 3rd (feat. Calzo Houdini) Released on Wed 14th March on Dimerock Records.

Typical of Shep 3rd, Everything To Me has relateable lyrical content that demands the listeners attention, he writes about life experiences and uses words that help bring vision to his story.

At the age of 16, Shep 3rd released his first mixtape No Holds Barred, he went onto airing his tunes on Youtube straight from the streets and it caused people to prick up their ears, no one more so than Callum James Greens.

Shep 3rd is more than your average kid spittin bars, he is talented and he is not afraid to put the work in before he expects to reap. At this stage, we know he is ready to leave those days of recording on half broken microphones in dingy bedrooms, he's delivering the goods, the only thing he is lacking is a producer, what a waste it would be to kill the elements that stand out most in Shep 3rd by sticking him in with a producer who is not prepared to cross the boundaries, go that extra mile to bring the best out in the artists style, good job then that it happened to be Calzo Houdini and Larissa Dahlbeck for the job.

Everything To Me is a top quality song, the lyrics are written and delivered to reveal the emotional side of Shep 3rd's character raising the bar along with the expertise of Callum James Greens and Larissa Dahlbeck from the Calzo Houdini studio production team .
I hope they will continue to work together, the mix is quite perfect, superbly tuned and warmly wrapped in the finest blend of sounds that make you want more.

Why should I buy it? Because it's a bloody good song! A lot of work went into the making of Everything To Me, anything that has been created with care deserves to be rewarded with your support, so what better reason could you need?

Show your support for new music:

Buy Everything To Me (feat. Calzo Houdini) by Shep 3rd on iTunes.

Also available on Amazon, and all good digital retail stores.

Follow Shep 3rd - @sheptheartist on Twitter

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Monday 12 March 2012

NEWS: Mike Skinner - The Story Of The Streets - Book Signing

The award winning London bar The Social, the pride of Portland Street, run by Heavenly Recordings & The Breakfast Group are delighted to be hosting an exciting event.

Transworld Publishers and The Social invite you to join in the celebration of the launch of Mike Skinner's long-awaited new book The Story of the Streets.

Mike will be signing copies of his book and be accompanied by guest DJ’s on the 27th March.
Doors: 7pm, free entry all night.

Earlier today, Mike Skinner said on his blog, that he will spend most of this week reading from his book. Filming some videos of readings aswell as the audio book where it’s him reading the words right into our earbuds, yes! I LikeTheSound of this!

If you would like to get your Story of The Streets signed by Mike Skinner, get yourself down to the bar that is famous for launching over a million hugely successful hangovers.

Date : 27th March

Venue : The Social
5 Little Portland St
London W1W 7JD
0207 636 4992

Saturday 3 March 2012

Mike Skinner : DJ Set - Berlin 02.03.12

Intro have been celebrating its 20th anniversary, between November and February they focused on numerous intimate concerts. In the first weekend of March, they are celebrating the magazine’s birthday with two spectacular indoor festivals in Berlin and Cologne.

Photo courtesy of
Last night saw Mike Skinner's DJ Set in Berlin - others billed included Maxïmo Park, M83, Thees Uhlmann, Mouse On Mars, Simian Mobile Disco, Little Boots and Matias Aguayo.
Mike Skinner blogged this morning "
have never DJ’d 2 nights in a row before. it’s like eating loads of crackers. diplo does it but he’s testament to the fact that sanity is just madness put to good use" on

I was very pleased to get so many favourite tunes in one set, Strong Skunk, Single Barrel, Has It Come To This, Bada Bing, Blinded By The Lights, the set is drenched with heavy beats, sour house,  and sounds like a lot of thought went into the planning and you don't feel like you have to worry about the DJ, the flow is exciting and sexy. Well done Mike Skinner for a much enjoyed and very lively DJ set. I can't wait for the next one ... some Bee Gees by any chance please?

Follow Mike Skinner on Soundcloud and Twitter

Trak-o-the-day: Perry Mystique - Buildin' Bridges

Although new to LikeThe Sound, Perry Mystique is already a household name as a producer and a rapper in his native Holland, he is renowned for his acclaimed producing talent as well as his boisterous lyrics and unique mixture of sounds. Perry has proved himself with massive success internationally as an artist with production credits and features on huge hit records in Holland and Asia, and already regarded as one of Europe’s finest Hip Hop producers and has also signed a deal as an artist via his production label Space Trak with Mercury/ Universal Records in the UK in 2011.

Buildin' Bridges is out now.

Perry Mystique - Buildin' Bridges

LikeTheSound also recommends: Perry Mystique- Amnesia (Official Net Video)-**Taken From The Buildin' Bridges EP- OUT Feb 2nd 2012 

Follow Perry Mystique on Twitter @PerryMystique

Saturday 25 February 2012

Reviews : The D.O.T - Strong Skunk

Strong Skunk is the latest of The D.O.T's nineteen tracks released so far. Yes, 19 tracks! and the beautiful thing about it is that The D.O.T are not just whacking out any old tunes, each track released is a top quality tune I'd happily pay my hard-earned pennies for. Listen to Shut Up and Keep Talking, That's That which has a lovely psychedelic feel to it that reminds me of The Boo Radley's - whom I love to bits! Everything Falls, Wrong Way Right Way and my all time favourite Weapon Of Choice. If you love what Mike Skinner and Robert Harvey have been doing then you are in for a treat because they are currently working on their debut album.

Strong Skunk is mixed with unrestricted funky beats, fused with great lyrics and sung with the unmistakable, meaningful, inspirational voice of Robert Harvey, backed with that beautiful harmonising from Mike Skinner "Like a child whose afraid of the dark, or a man whose afraid of the light" that is so fulfilling and perfectly delivered it should have been repeated two to three times each, it's the best part of the song! Strong Skunk is possibly "one of" the greatest tracks of The D.O.T's finest tunes to date. I really hope this will be on the album.

Play it, love it and then share it.

The D.O.T - Strong Skunk (Version 2)

Follow official site for more great tunes and video diaries.

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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Exclusive Interview with Leo Ihenacho - Nite Nite

Leo Ihenacho AKA Leo The Lion, the British/Nigerian Singer, Songwriter, Actor and DJ, formerly the singer with The Streets, has now re-worked the beautiful favourite Nite Nite, previously featuring Kano and The Streets. It is an acoustic special for Valentine day. Last Christmas I asked Leo for an interview for LikeTheSound, finally we got together for an exclusive, we talked about The Streets, getting lean, Getting his Idris on, Aliens, how the world is going to end? Sprkle! - Leo's new social media platform and much, much more.
Addolorata : Hello, how is your day going so far?

Leo : Real I have jus been editing my latest online acoustic viral Nite Nite which is due out for valentines day... spent Saturday night filming it on location. It was the coldest I have ever experienced, at one point I wanted to pack it in. I was like what am I doing this for, the girl I was seeing recently dumped me so humbug to

Addolorata : You have been DJing recently, you did Souk's in Clapham, describe your sets?

Leo : Yes, I have been DJing for several years now... I was recently at SOUK in Clapham. It was for my friend Martin Offiah or should I say The Legend that is Martin Offiah (he insists on this title) the set turned out to be pretty good... I was playing some soulful house, the ironic thing was that I spent all day burning new tracks onto Cd's only to forget them at home.

Addolorata : How long have you been DJing?

Leo : I have been DJing for several years now....

Addolorata : When did you pick it up and get it outthere?

Leo : I kinda picked up from watching other people DJ... especially my friend
, he taught me some special techniques... Funny thing is, it was
The Legend that is Martin Offiah that gave me my first DJ gig... It was a special BBQ party in Clapham... I got a round of applause when I eventually mixed in my first tune.

Addolorata : Nice! What is the best venue you have done so far? and what is your dream

Leo : Wow, that is a hard one... Ive DJ'd at so many cool venues all around Europe... Erm I would say Shakazulu Bar in Puerto Banus, Spain last summer. I was
residency there for about 2 months. The manager told me to play what I wanted... So I did...!  I played all the stuff that I would like to hear if I ever went to a Carlsberg night club. Lol Hip Hop / Rnb / Funky House / SoulFul House /
Reggae / Old skool... Every genre...!! anyone can be a Dj...but the good Dj is realised by their music selections.

Addolorata : Too true! You used to sing with The Streets, was those day's the good days?

Leo : Absolutely amazing... The best times of my life so far...we got to travel the world perform to hundreds of thousands of people... performed at shows like
David Letterman / Jonathan Ross / Brit Awards, and most of all Jools Holland...this is what we call on earth 'living the dream'.
Addolorata : Which of The Streets songs did you enjoy singing most and why?

Leo : I cant really answer that, as their were so many songs that I loved singing, not only for the love of the songs but for the performances and stage antics that came with it. Most people that came to The Streets 10 Round Tour would have experienced The Brandy Cam... this is where we
attach a miniature camera onto a brandy bottle and we jump into the crowd and pour drinks down everybody's necks and chests... all the images were projected onto the massive screens onstage for all to see... There was a time where we performed at Leeds festival, and anybody that is aware of this knows that it is renownfor the audience to chuck things, empty bottles some filled with bodily waste, if they weren't feeling you... This was the first time I was a bit nervous as during the
Dry Ur Eyes song I hold a long note at the end... i really get into it, my eyes are closed my mouth is open... I'm just an open target...!!!

Addolorata : Lol! Thank you for some amazing memories! When did you last
chat to Mike Skinner?

Leo : The last time I spoke with Mike was like a year ago.

Addolorata : Are you still cool with each other?

Leo : I have no issues.

Addolorata : Is it possible that you and Mike may work together again in the future from your perspective?

Leo : Who knows. My number hasn't changed...

Addolorata : You have released a few covers lately, last December you did a pretty amazing version of Walking In The Air and Beautiful which is out now. Have you penned any new bars? When will they be released?

Leo : Thank you...well I'm currently finishing my album, as well as putting out these viral videos which I really enjoy... its just me having fun with songs that I love, experimenting and trying new things with them.
Addolorata : Who do you admire most in the music biz right now?

Leo : I admire a lot of artists out there right now... Labrinth is fantastic, Adele, Foster The people....
Coldplay are my all time me they are the greatest band...period..!!

Addolorata : Highlight of your career so far?

Leo : Being part of
The Streets and performing all over the world, and also being on the Weakest Link.

Addolorata : Who would you most like to collaborate with this year?

Leo : Coldplay

Addolorata : What is the most essential piece of equipment in your possession that your really couldn't work without?

Leo : My studio... my apple macs, my blackberry.

Addolorata : Run us through your fitness regime?

Leo : Well I have jus started a total body transformation programme with a team called
The MEM Gym Boys... they are putting me through the mills at the moment... with training and nutrition. I put on a bit of weight recently and I wanna loose it asap... I don't wanna get Hench. I actually wanna get lean... too much Hag n Daz and African dishes can really do damage to your

Addolorata : Tell me about your new release for Valentines day?

Leo : Well I was thinking of doing another cover... And I was actually struggling with a song choice, either someone else had done it or I didn't find a vibe for it... and jus by chance as I was going through my itunes, one of my tracks that I featured on with Kano - Nite Nite came on and I thought... I might aswell cover my own track.

Addolorata : I love that song! What is the one question you wish I had asked you that I have not asked?

Leo : Do I believe in Aliens and is the world gonna end this year.

Addolorata : Do you believe in Aliens and is the world going to end?

Leo : Yes I believe in Aliens... Because I am one... And yes the world will end this
year..!! I have been given instructions to round up all the earthlings that I would like to save on my space ship... I have already sent emails out to all the relevant people asking them to register by providing all of their necessary bank details.

Addolorata : What is next on the agenda in 2012 for

Leo : As well as my album, I have gone into acting... I had my first role in a Terry Stone
Film called Lucky... We filmed that January... I was able to get my Denzel on... Or should I say my Idris on, then I have loads of ideas for my live shows and upcoming tour. Plus I am currently working on a new social media platform called Sprkle...its an app for established and upcoming talent in the entertainment and sports industry. I will keep you posted on that one.

Addolorata : Yes, please do and I'll keep LikeTheSound reader's up-to-date with it as well. Thank you for your time, humour and memories.

Leo : My Pleasure...

Well, true to his word, Nite Nite went out today, and here it is, I love this song, Leo always does this beautiful song justice. Share it and spread the love. Happy Valentines day!

Follow Leo on Twitter @iAMLeoTheLion

and on Facebook Leo Ihenacho

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Saturday 11 February 2012

Shep3rd Exclusive Interview - Never Look Back.

The UK's up and coming, freestyling rap artist Shep3rd AKA villa supporter Simon Shepherd from Tamworth has got a lot to say for himself, and never more so than through a hard and fast freestyling rant-off. He released his first mixtape at the age of 16, has been inspired by the likes of Paul Simon to Dre and The Streets to name but a few. He's not all mouth though, Shep3rd has learnt from the best and he's putting into good practise.
With Shep3rd's blatant ability to spit bars to the beat with gusto and lucidity, the enthusiastic MC is now in completion stages with his debut E.P titled Never Look Back on DimeRock Records which is produced by the highly talented Calzo Houdini. (Callum James Greens) and Larissa Dahlbeck.

I caught up with Shep3rd just yesterday, and guess what? he had a lot to say!

LikeTheSound is proud to present to you LikeTheSound's exclusive interview with Shep3rd.

Addolorata : Hello Simon, let's start with name, why shep3rd?

Shep3rd : The name came about when I was at school, my brothers were called Shep by everyone, teachers included. I was the 3RD Shep so I took the name on.

Addolorata : Yeah, I know your brother Richard via The Streets, he's one of the best. Take us back to the beginning, where did it all start to kick off for you?

Shep3rd : I was a big fan of the U.K Garage scene, 10 years ago it was full of big beats with hyped lyrics. I then thought I want to give this a try myself so I did. I started recording on half broken microphones in dingy bedrooms. Writing all the time (not much has changed lool) I used to write lyrics in lessons at school and I was always performing one way or another. I then released my 1st mixtape No Holds Barred at the age of 16. I then started spitting lyrics all-day everyday, I suppose it is down to the hard work I put in then that now my career is progressing. My songs were flying around the midlands via the then new craze of bluetooth.

Addolorata : I first heard of you back in February 2011 with FREESTYLE! that was a pretty impressive freestyle practise session, spittin' to the beat with even flow sat in a mates car, I remember a lot of people on Twitter loving it when you put it out, so what sort of situations and feelings inspire your lyrics?

Shep3rd : I'm glad you enjoyed it! The lyrics I'm trying to write now are mainly life experience. I like to use words in a way people can put pictures to them. I've had a lot go on that I feel a lot of people have too so they find it easy to relate to my stories, but sometimes I throw the beat on and my mind just goes crazy with new ideas.

Addolorata : Who are your biggest inspirations?

Shep3rd : I have inspirations from all different types of music. Paul Simon has always been a massive part of my life as growing up I have always been around his music. In the rap world I have been heavily inspired by west side American rap. 2pac, Dre, Snoop and I also thought a lot of now passed rapper Big L. But the main inspiration probably came from The Streets - Original Pirate Material.

Addolorata : Have you been signed yet?

Shep3rd : I am currently with DimeRock Records.

Addolorata : What are you representing in your lyrics?

Shep3rd : I am representing positivity rather than these artists that are talking about things that they don't see or do, I think that's not helping the scene in the slightest. I want to try to get people listening to the words of songs again rather than people just liking the chorus. My lyrics also represent a person who has struggled and has turned his life on its head. It's clear when you listen to the forthcoming E.P what I'm feeling at the time .

Addolorata : You have received and duly deserve a lot of support already, especially from the very notable Calzo Houdini. How essential is such support to you at this stage in your career and how does it feel?

Shep3rd : Everybody at DimeRock Records have been excellent. In my opinion I have some of the best producers in the country working with me and they have the ability to help me succeed . Calzo is a top man and a even better record producer as well as a good entrepreneur. Having people who know the scene inside out is what every up and coming musician would dream about having . Also having Warner's and DimeRock's very own Larissa Dahlbeck working on my material too its looking like a good mixture of musical input.

Addolorata : Calzo Houdini scored and produced a demo E.P for you didn't he? Tell us more about that?

Shep3rd : Yes Calzo has worked really hard to get this E.P out in quite a short time. The details of the release are yet to be discussed but in my opinion it has a lot of potential still, none of my new work under DimeRock Records has been released only one play on a radio station in my home town. I don't really understand the production side of things but it is definitely something I'm going to learn to be able to do. Calzo posted a picture on twitter showing the detail of work gone into it. People who I know have been in the industry couldn't understand it either . ( - Building Shep3rd's E.P )

Addolorata : How important is creative control to you?

Shep3rd : I feel it is all about directing me down the right paths to get to my final location. If Calzo sends me a beat with a hook on it already I know he has seen a gap in the market for the sound he has created. I will then write like mad until I have the sound that fits his . Promotion is also massive from recognised artists. Also at their gigs the sound engineer of The Streets wore one of the official Shep3RD t-shirts for the whole gig at Mallorca Rocks and DimeRock just launched my .com website which is building the foundations for me to build on.

Addolorata : What do you hate about the music business right now?

Shep3rd : I think that it lacks originality from UK artists. Everything seems to sound the same. It's not boring but just a bit repetitive. That's why I mostly listen to old school Hip Hop and what I would call real music.

Addolorata : Who have you worked with so far?

Shep3rd : Apart from Calzo I have worked with an artist named Markus Krunegård who is also an artist on Dimerock Records. But I am sure in the near future I will be working with a lot more artists

Addolorata : I'm sure you will. Who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

Shep3rd : I would love to collaborate with Josh Kumra his voice is top notch also The-D.O.T

Addolorata : Never Look Back is the debut E.P, what is it going to sound like and what is it about?

Shep3rd : Never Look Back is all of my feelings and emotions rolled up into one creative short album. though this is only going to be a taster of what's to come next year. I am hoping my music will get heard by more people than what was hearing my music already that is the aim for me personally. I wrote a song called Kick Off My Shoes which is my personal favourite on the E.P. though it is still in working progress what we have so far is sounding better than I would of ever wished for. I haven't had much feedback from anyone else but record execs and close friends as I am not letting no1 hear anything until it is completed, I have to hide my i pod from my girl friend so she doesn't listen lol. It sounds like a mixture of original beats and deep lyrics with a lot of meaning yet easy to listen to with Calzo's musical edge.

Addolorata : when is Never Look Back going to be released and where will we find it?

Shep3rd : Never Look Back will be released sometime in march or April, still awaiting release details. but it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and all other online music retailers.

Addolorata : What is the one question you wish I had asked you that I have not asked?

Shep3rd : Where would I see my self in 10 years time?

Addolorata : Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Shep3rd : In 10 years time I would like to see my self being very successful off this music thing and perhaps own my own label.

Addolorata : I'll look forward to being part of it. What is next on the agenda for you?

Shep3rd : I'm going to get the E.P finished off then work towards my album. Also get some visuals to go along with some of the songs and hit Channel AKA.

Addolorata : What do you hope to achieve in 2012

Shep3rd : I would hope to achieve some live performances along with radio play. Next year small stages at festivals.

Thank you Shep3rd, it is still early days and exciting times are ahead. I know a good thing when I hear it and I'm looking forward to watch this one get the recognition he deserves very soon.

I'm one of the lucky few to receive a copy of Kick Off Your Shoes for the forthcoming E.P Never Look Back in the making, the moment the smooth, gratifying production flowed through my speakers I was into it immediately. The pacifying production is a superb mix with Shep3rd's stirring manner, fury and defencive attitude that is set-free through his vocal output. I can't wait to hear the rest of the Never Look Back E.P 

LikeThe Sound is going to be supporting Shep3rd all the way. Are you?

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