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Thursday 24 March 2011

The Streets - Guide To Surfing - video

The O2 Academy TV followed Mike Skinner AKA The Streets on his UK Computers and Blues tour of O2 Academy venues as they "tackle the highs and the lows of crowd surfing throughout the concert. An in depth look at approach, experience, recovery and reflection" o2AcademyTV

"From O2 to O2, from North to South, the waves have been strong" says Mike Skinner dressed in smart black suit, crisp white shirt and black tie - he wears a suit impeccably, he complements the suit. Speaking from a quiet, cloudy beach scene that is yearning for summer, seagulls and noisy people, Mike Skinner continues "The surf is up. The Streets are..." he claps his hands together with a singular, definitive closure as the up-beat tones of OMG rides in from the background as though to heal.

"It is important that the waves are just right, if the wave breaks too early I could end up in the barrier, some places the waves are just too violent and I have come crashing to the floor, sometimes it has felt almost too tranquil and a decent surf has been impossible to gain momentum." Skinner says over the O2AcademyTV film footage of Skinner surfing seemingly fearless amongst the many, many hands reaching out to touch, stroke, pull and grab a piece of him as his body is swept and tossed over a sea of gratified Streets fans.

"The merest look in the audiences eyes and I can ascertain how easy that surf will be and weather I'm likely to survive. The waters can be cold and limbs can be sprained. It is very important to know the look in your audiences eyes. The worst look is the look of zombie like drunkenness, when you see this look in your audience you know they may not support you... you could go down. But thankfully the last two weeks has seen an immense amount of wave support. I have felt buoyant as I've moved from white horse to white horse." Very eloquently put, it sounds like a romantic occasion, in-fact, when I watch the numerous YouTube video's of Skinner surfs, it looks and feels every bit a romantic and valiant occasion.

"Sometimes people try and attempt their own surfs, which I always think is a gallant thing. I have shaken the hands of men riding the very same break as I have." There is undoubtedly an affectionate and emotional relationship between Mike Skinner and his fans. Many times mike has been dragged out the pit from a crowd-surf  and then leaping back up onto the stage displaying a mixture of sheer excitement, elation and even a bit shook-up.

The Streets - Guide To Surfing

On a last note "It is important to always make it back to the beach, because on the beach there is shingle and firm ground and a warm cosy beach hut somewhere to get changed and towel myself off and eat a hearty Nandos." Mike Skinner.

The track featuring throughout this video, titled OMG is available now on The Streets final album Computers and Blues. If you haven't purchased it yet, you can do so via  iTunes I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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Saturday 12 March 2011

Dime Radio is now live on DimeRock Records online

DimeRock's Dime Radio is now live as I write and going hard with LIVE REMIXING! from the wonderful Callum James Green AKA Calzo Houdini of DimeRock Records and LikeTheSound favourite producer.

The debut show was only scheduled to air from 8 till 10PM GMT, but the thrills and spillz over-ran into the night with The Streets, Example, Plan b to name but a few and a truly AMAZING not to be missed unscheduled hour of back to back The Streets live mixing online radio for every single Streets Head that made it to The Streets - Computers and Blues final tour 2011.

And don't miss Sunday night's show ... DimeRock Records "Sunday night will feature some soul music and banter. Showcasing Scottish Borders band The Dirty Beggars. You have never heard this before... unless you are from the deep south... These boys are from the Scottish Borders... Deal with it. Amazing headlining band this Sunday Night 9PM GMT."

Requests are welcome, so log on to  DimeRock Records - DimeRadio - here  Download and enjoy.

Interacting with DimeRock is fun because to the best of their ability they actually do interact back with you so get involved - Follow @DimeRockRecords on Twitter, leave feedback, tell your mates and request your favourte tracks.

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Tonight has been amazing. Thank you Callum, Larissa and everyone involved at DimeRock Radio, including all you listeners who interacted on Facebook and Twitter. What a beautiful night!

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Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Streets + Chase and Status confirmed We, The People Festival Bristol

We, The People Festival Bristol


Baby Blue - Paper Haters 3 - Competition

Baby Blue - Paper Haters 3 Competition

London rapper Baby Blue has announced her plans for the third installment of 'Paper Haters', her current single, taken from her forthcoming debut album. The rapper is hoping to find three new talents by offering up Davinche’s energetic beat to her fans.

'This is an opportunity for anyone to jump on the beat and show me what they've got. We had the amazing Ghetts, Scrufizzer and J2K on Part 2… I'm interested to see some completely new and unknown rappers on number 3' - Baby Blue

Baby Blue has released the instrumental beat (complete with hook) for download which is available from her official website and the competition will remain open until 14 March. Ten shortlisted finalists will appear on Baby Blue’s official website, each entrant can download a widget to use to promote to their fans and supporters, and Baby Blue will pick her three winners shortly after.

'I’m looking for three new MCs to create Paper Haters Part 3. The winners will come and spend a day in the studio with myself and Davinche to create the track and we’ll release this for free download on 27 March along with Part 2.' - Baby Blue

The winners will also be invited to meet with publishing company District 6.

Download the instrumental and send your entry to

Follow Baby Blue on Twitter @IAmBabyBlue

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Friday 4 March 2011

LikeTheSound Exclusive interview with The Streets Stuart Coleman

Have you seen The Streets live on the Computers and Blues tour? Have you been rocking out to those bass rhythms? Did you think that bass player looked familiar? and have you wondered who is responsible for laying out those live beats? Well LikeTheSound certainly did, so I was very grateful when The Streets bass player took some time-out to chat to LikeTheSound despite being busy on the road between Manchester and Brighton on The Streets - wonderfully messy and deeply emotional - Computers and Blues tour which closes the legendary live experience that is The Streets.

Read on and pay some respect to Stuart Coleman, The Streets final bass player.

Exclusive Like The Sound Interview with Stuart Coleman by Addolorata D'Ambrosio

Addolorata : Hello Stuart, how are you today?

Stuart : Really good thanks, today is a sunny day

Addolorata : A proper Spring day! You used to be in The Music with Robert Harvey didn't you?

Stuart :Yes, we have been playing music together for around 15 years, since we where at school.

Addolorata : Whose decision was it to close The Music?

Stuart : It was a joint decision. We felt as a band the magic had been lost somewhere down the line, it wasn't enjoyable anymore and started to feel like we were going to the studio to work rather than enjoy the creative process.

Addolorata : That is a respectable decision to make but how did you feel when it was done?

Stuart : Not great, The music was and still is a huge part of my life. Its hard to let go and embrace change but you need to pick yourself up in life and carry on. I'm just glad it ended on a happy note and i can look back on what we have achieved with pride.

Addolorata : What have you done between then and now?

Stuart : I just spent alot of time sat in my spare room playing bass

Addolorata : Did Robert Harvey introduce you to Mike Skinner? How did you get together?

Stuart : I first met mike years ago.we both have the same manager and our paths crossed a few times along the way whilst The music and The Streets where on tour. Ive always loved The Streets and wanted to play bass for mike so i mentioned to my manager if the opportunity ever arose that i would love to do it.

Addolorata : Has it been hard learning all the riffs for The Streets songs?

Stuart : The bass lines have been somewhat easy to pick up. Ive played some of his bass lines before just jamming at home. The hardest to learn however was Trust me, there's one part in it that is a challenge to play but i love playing it.

Addolorata : You have been touring with The Streets throughout February and into March, how has it been for you so far? Do you get nervous?

Stuart : Its been brilliant, I'm really enjoying playing live again. I was a bit nervous at first just because playing with The Streets was all new to me and i didn't want to put a foot wrong and let people down but once i got a few shows in i got my confidence.

Addolorata : What is your favourite Streets song?

Stuart : There's so many to chose from. Today I'm going to say Lets push things forward.

Addolorata : Good choice, funnily enough, Robert Harvey told me last year that when he thinks back to first hearing 'Let's push things forward' he remembers a feeling of hope and a knowing that this was something great. It is great! he said, how about you?

Stuart : It was one of the first songs i heard by The Streets, and its one of my favourite songs to play live.

Addolorata : How does it feel to be The Streets final Bass guitarist?

Stuart : I feel very honoured to be the final bass player for the streets. Mike has had some very talented bass players in the past and i feel proud to part of them. Its great to be involved in something so special that will be remembered for a very long time.

Addolorata : Do you play any other instruments?

Stuart : I play a little bit of guitar and drums but I'm no master at either.

Addolorata : Which guitar have you taken on the Computers and Blues tour with you?

Stuart : Ive taken my 1969 fender precision which is my main bass and a fairly new fender precision as a spare.

Addolorata : What is your dream guitar?

Stuart : An earlier version of the bass i play.1950's.

Addolorata : Who is your guitar hero?

Stuart : I don't really have one hero. When i was growing up, learning to play bass my idol at the time was Flea. Now i have respect for many bass players, Tim Commerford, Jah Wobble, James Jamerson, Jean Jacques Burnel, are just a hand full.

Addolorata : What is next on the agenda for you after The Streets?

Stuart : I'm not sure, but I am sure that i want to keep playing bass live.

Thank you for your time Stuart, I really enjoyed that.

Stuart Coleman is on Facebook

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Wednesday 2 March 2011

Hurrah for Birmingham City and Mike Skinner!

Sunday 27th February saw the success of Birmingham City receiving it's 1st piece of Silverware for their club since 1963 after Birmingham scored 2 against Arsenal 1 at Wembley.
Arsenal had to watch their six year quest for the trophy fade into a dream as the blues dramatically beat off the Gunners.

As the roar of GOOAAL!!!! spread across the nation, one Birmingham City fan was so elated he broke his 20 days Twitter absence after he had officially ***Closed*** any communications as The Streets other than The Streets Computers and Blues tour of which is live in action as I write. The Streets AKA Mike Skinner AKA @skinnermike gave his fans a glorious kick into action after he tweeted at 6.06pm UP THE FUCKING BLUES !
It was great to see Mike tweet again and I hope he will return to Twitter on a regular basis.
Watch Birmingham City Carling Cup verdict and soak up the reactions Here on

And check out this selection of TV when the Blues overcame Arsenal and won the Carling Cup Here on

Follow Mike Skinner on

The Streets Computers and Blues concert dates remaining so far are ...

Thursday 03 March 2011
with Brother
Manchester Academy Manchester, UK

Friday 04 March 2011
Brighton Dome Brighton, UK

Saturday 05 March 2011
with Brother
O2 Academy Brixton London, UK

Saturday 12 March 2011
with Brother
O2 Academy Newcastle Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Tuesday 15 March 2011
Rockefeller Oslo, Norway

Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 June 2011
Northside Festival 2011
Band of Horses, White Lies, The Streets, Thomas Dybdahl, Tina Dickow, Turboweekend, The Floor Is Made Of Lava, and De Eneste To Tickets

Saturday 2nd July 2011
Hyde Park London. Tickets

Friday 08 to Sunday 10 July 2011
T in the Park 2011
Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Ke$ha, Weezer, All Time Low, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Deadmau5, Crystal Castles, Bright Eyes, Jimmy Eat World, The Script, Friendly Fires, Blondie, and 40 more… Tickets

Sunday 10 July 2011
Lounge on the Farm 2011
Ellie Goulding, The Streets, and Lounge on the Farm
Merton Farm Canterbury, UK

Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 July 2011
Festival Internacional de Benicàssim - FIB 2011
Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford & Sons, Portishead, Beirut, Elbow, The Streets, Tinie Tempah, Primal Scream, Julieta Venegas, Veronica Falls, The Coronas, Lori Meyers, Catpeople, and 3 more…
Benicassim, Spain. Tickets

Buy The Streets Computers and Blues on iTunes

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