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Friday 24 December 2010

Seasons Greetings from LikeTheSound

A Very Merry Christmas To One And All.

Have yourselves a best ever Christmas time, give love, be happy and play your music overly loud.

And here is the BEST Christmas song I have heard this year

***scrooge and marley - i don't want it to be me***  

Merry Christmas from LikeTheSound

A Christmas message from Mike Skinner

A Christmas message from Mike Skinner

***end of the year and cheers***

Thursday 23 December 2010

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets gives respect to Daft Punk's Tron ....

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets gives respect to Daft Punk's Tron ....

Mike Skinner is re-known for his appreciation of Thomas Bangalter - one half of Electronic French duo Daft Punk. Their debut film score, recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London, is titled  TRON : LEGACY.

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets blogged on his official the-streets blog 

"the tron daft punk album is blowing my mind. nothing but synthesizers set to a 160 piece cinematic orchestra."

‎The original motion picture score for "TRON: Legacy", composed and produced by Daft Punk, was be released by Walt Disney Records / EMI Music on 6th December 2010.

Skinner respectfully noted

"if they’d have done a load of side chained electro with disco loops and chicago soul crooners it would have felt so expected. thomas bangalter is my idol."

The Streets star is due to release the highly praised new single Going Through Hell featuring vocal additions from Robert Harvey on 31st January 2011 and his much awaited new album Computers and Blues on 7th February 2011. You can pre-order Computers and Blues on iTunes now

Skinner concluded

"i need to play with my 909 though for sure. in fact let me hit up logic for a hot min to button a quick cinematic beat…"

Follow Mike Skinner on the Official the-streets blog

Daft Punk's Tron : Legacy is available now in Standard CD Format on Amazon ,
Special 2CD Edition ,
The Digital Edition
and an exclusive
2 CD DigiPack, Poster and Digital Download Bundle

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Saturday 11 December 2010

Stylah - Prologue

UK Rapper Stylah has united faces from the UK urban scene for his directorial debut, "Prologue", filmed in the style of Nickelback's hit video, Rockstar. Each of the 25 + cameos perform a line from the track which happens to be the intro to Stylah's debut album Treading Water, as previously mentioned here on LikeTheSound and out now on iTunes.


The video, which is the follow up to Stylah's controversial viral hit, Killa, an anti gun track with a graphic video banned by TV and featured on The Sun's website. Features the likes of actor/director Noel Clarke, rapper/radio presenter/entrepreneur Charlie Sloth, radio personalities Ace + Vis, rapper/actor Bashy, comedian Doc Brown, our local celebrity ex ganster Dave Courtney and numerous other rap artists including Sway, Sincere, Lowkey, Smiler, G Frsh, DocChrome, DJ Snips, DJ 279, D Raw, Ill Mill, Mega (SAS), K Koke, Wordplay, Tony D, Strapzy, Fusion, Loudmouth, and Haze.

Stylah remarked "People always tell me that I have an ability to say what other people are thinking so I thought it would be a powerful visual to have the collective UK scene rapping the words to my song. It also gave an opportunity for me to put some people from different sides of the scene who would never normally work with each other on the same project."

Treading Water was released on iTunes in October on Stylah's own LDN Global imprint and get its full release in January.

Check for more information.

Clare Maguire's cover of Antony and The Johnson's 'Hope There's Someone'

LikeTheSound is a huge fan of Clare Maguire, click on the name tag below to find more of LikeTheSound's coverage on Clare.
Now here is some more exciting news, Clare Maguire has recorded a cover of one of my favorite artists Antony and the Johnsons incredible song 'Hope there's someone' which you can listen to on Hype Machine!

Let us know what you think.

Clare Maguire's EP is available now on iTunes Ain't Nobody - EP

Clare Maguire's debut album is due for release on 28 February 2011

 and is available for pre-order on Clare Maguire Album
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Friday 10 December 2010

Scrooge and Marley - I Don't Want It To Be Me

For what you are about to receive is glorious and highly praiseworthy. What a blessing it is Robert Harvey and Mike Skinner decided to join creative forces, load up the JV1080 and find the Church bells patch.
Whilst achieving everything that should be wonderful about a Christmas tune with Robert Harvey's vocals sounding pleasingly akin to Paul McCartney in the Wings era and Mike Skinner on keys caressed with musical warmth - I Don't Want It To Be Me also comes with a neat video featuring wintery festive and haunting scenes of Nature, Taxidermy, Log fires, Chestnuts roasting, Harvey and Skinner  - the squirals being one of my favourite scenes.

Robert Harvey
As Mike Skinner has already pointed out on his
blog - Christmas is also the season to be lonely " some point someone scuppered your dreams. and you’re hurting..." The truth in that statement is what makes this song so essential.

A good, full-bodied, well-written, beautifully sung song can meaningfully fill the gaps you need filled in a deeply personal way and this song has got all of those qualities we need to celebrate and release a little of that hidden pain in the process.

I Don't Want It To Be Me is so well put together I feel guilty for not paying for it. Of all the songs I have purchased on iTunes this month - none is as deserving of my 99p than Scrooge and Marley's - I Don't Want It To Be Me.

Feel the love - it smacks of CHRISTMAS!!!

Mike Skinner

Watch the video :
Scrooge and Marley - I Don't Want It To Be Me

The Official

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Wednesday 8 December 2010

The Streets - Going Through Hell - Release date

Here's a date worth noting in your diaries! The Streets new single with vocal additions from Rob Harvey (The Music) titled Going Through Hell will be released on 31st January 2011.

Going Through Hell will be taken from The Streets highly anticipated fifth and final album Computers and Blues due for release on 7th February 2011.

You can listen to The Streets new single Going Through Hell, Going Through Hell (Doc Rotten Rmx) and Going Through Hell (Diplo Rmx) on the latest Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem Pod ready for Download now ... Casting Down Your Pod 1007

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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Introducing the Tinchy Stryder Apps!

Billionaire Bandit App

Brought to you by Tinchy Stryder and Star In The Hood, Billionaire Bandit is the ultimate gaming experience on your iPhone / iTouch / iPad featuring music and soundbites from Tinchy Stryder. Use luck, skill, and judgement to maximise your points, then challenge your friends to beat your score in our online league - watch out for Tinchy posting his scores in the league soon. High scores are rewarded with up to 50% off Star In The Hood clothing on the official store.
Click here to download it from the App store now and get playing...

Make sure you check out the video of Tinchy giving a few tips on how to play the game here:

Star In The Hood App

Stay up to date with Tinchy Stryder news 24/7 with this Star In The Hood mobile app! You can get all the latest news, stream his latest tracks and chat with Tinchy Stryder fans on the Fan Wall! Best of all this app is completely free so why not download it now from iTunes

Join the Official

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Plan B ‘Love Goes Down’ + Remixes Officially Released

The 5th single taken from the multi-platinum selling album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, is available to download from iTunes along with 2 remixes from Danny Byrd and Doctor P.

‘Love Goes Down’ + Remixes Officially Released

Click here to download ‘Love Goes Down’
Click here to download the Doctor P remix
Click here to download the Danny Byrd remix
New Deluxe Album Versions

If you want a little bit more than a regular copy of Plan B’s debut album this Christmas, you can pick up a copy of the recently refurbished 2 x CD edition, which features live performances, bonus tracks and the amazing Pendulum remix of ‘Stay Too Long’.

Click for Defamation Of Strickland Banks: 2cd: Deluxe Edition: Hmv Exclusive

Monday 6 December 2010

Mike Skinner reveals new album Artwork

After endeavoring the consumption of powdered protein drinks, sessions at the gym and brisk 7 mile walks, Mike Skinner headed off to Norfolk to get arty for the creative that is the new Artwork for Computers and Blues.
Mike has now revealed the Artwork for The Streets much awaited new album titled Computers and Blues.

The quiet before the storm emits cool glassy tones surrounding the brightly lit rose enhanced room in which Mike Skinner stands - he is probably contemplating his next plan of action after The Streets.
This album cover is instantly a very memorable picture, it stays in your mind after just one glance and it is an appropriate subject because the Norwich U.E.A Campus is where The Streets will be performing live on 28th February during the first leg of the Computers and Blues 2011 Tour

Like the reflections on the glass the photograph reflects a feeling of Déjà vu and I love it for that because it is taking us back to the elements of Original Pirate Material - moving on full circle to the modern day, and this is how I see the future for The Streets - forever evolving. Computers and Blues may well be the final Streets album but The Streets music will stay relevant and as we grow wiser, somehow what skinner has been saying will make even more sense.
Each of the five Streets albums will be an open door for a new generation and from each incredible burger-bar cocky clever, funny, sensitive genius, philosophical and very intelligent album - Original Pirate Material , A Grand Don't Come For Free , The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living , Everything Is Borrowed and Computers and Blues there is a story, a moral and a lesson that we have either already lived and empathise with or are yet to be lived and learned. Where some artists music stagnates past it's sell by date, nearly10 years on from the debut Original Pirate Material, Mike Skinners lyrics stand out peerless, raw and pure.

From Luxemburg's 'Towering Inferno' for Original Pirate Material, the new Architecture for Computers and Blues is cool, obscure and smooth with a welcoming warm glow beckoning the Outside Inside.

I'm very much looking forward to see the rest of the Artwork for the inlays/booklet.

The Streets Official blog

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Saturday 4 December 2010

Mike Skinner ***came through the door*** New Video

"Today I ran with the idea that if you dress smart you think smart." Say's Mike Skinner in the latest The Beats video. Skinner looks immensely smart and sounds smart too, so he must have been thinking likewise.

If you like lots of little buttons and studio gear - your attention span will be sucked into your screen!

"I spent the morning with a revived passion for my album Cyberspace and Reds, so I decided to write a new song, I got half way through..."  It's a lovely song titled Came Through The Door, I hope we will hear the completed version soon.

The Streets Official blog


Friday 3 December 2010

Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem ***casting down your pod 1007***

It's that time of the week to exercise your ears and get your laughing gear into action.

It's Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem's  

***casting down your pod 1007***

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The Streets Official blog


Wednesday 1 December 2010

New video - Mike Skinner - ***too numb***

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets,  tweet / blogged to his followers this new song titled Too Numb.
I love this song with a passion, the additively eloquent vocals of Robert Harvey cascading through the subdued, crystal- clear voice of Mike Skinner...

"Exhaust fumes and the frost look no different from your breath,
but for a blueness and a thickness and a depth.
The scraping goes through me vibrating my shoes
But happy Iam as I pause for the thought
Only two moments ago I was dreaming
toastie and slowly I showed up in realism"

Too Numb is top quality song, I would be very happy to have purchased it on iTunes and I would be sitting here knowing I had more than got my money's worth. How lucky for us that Mike Skinner is sharing these clever, thought-provoking songs with us - video's include via youtube.

"It's freezing!"

Too Numb has received exciting feedback already, so ride-on, walk-harder, run-faster or just stop what your doing and listen ... it's

***Too Numb***

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The official blog

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