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Sunday 31 October 2010

***navy & black*** From The Streets (Fashion)

Navy and Black! What springs to mind when you hear that? Do not mix! by any chance?

Don't you believe it! Mike Skinner AKA
The Streets blogged this week on his new website  "I saw a thing recently that said DO NOT BE AFRAID OF NAVY WITH BLACK..."

In my window dressing for Principles days I was told NEVER to mix Navy and black. I disagreed with this bog-standard theory because colours are an expression of freedom to discover and enhance our mood, personality and style be it decor, art, textiles or other. In the case of fashion, if it suites the person wearing it, lead by example!

In my personal opinion, I think Black and Navy worn together brings to light a dramatic, mysterious, slightly masculine look, especially when worn by women.
I studied colour therapy some years back and learned Navy means Truth, Healing and Intuition, while Black is Silent, Elegant and Powerful. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why Mike Skinner is not afraid to wear Navy and Black together as seen above ...

Skinner is most usually seen wearing Black and/or famously - Pink. A person who shows favouritism to Pink, especially in a male is often found to be Compassionate, Faithful and Sensitive and displays a child-like Innocence. Pink is also renown to have a calming effect, helpful indeed when you live in the busy mind of a modern day genius.

Enjoy more great stories, video's and Music from
Mike Skinner here

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My recommended album : The Streets - Everything Is Borrowed - iTunes

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Friday 29 October 2010

Mike Skinner takes Twitter to another level - ***re: @tessdejong , @jevo90 and @diplo ***

This past week has seen a virtual Mexican wave spread across Twitter with the return of @skinnermike AKA Mike Skinner AKA The Streets and his dedicated 88'717 strong Twitter following, and that figure - as I write - is after @skinnermike having had a full year off Twitter!

Skinner, always the leader has took Twitter to another level, by replying to his followers via video messages as posted here on LikeTheSound. It is a very personal and real way to correspond with his friends and followers whereas so many stars simply get someone else to tweet on their behalf - very lazy.
Skinnermike's latest video replies goes out to my good friend Tess DeJong, who is responsible for the brilliant Streets website titled The Streets Blog , Mad Decent DJ, Producer and Songwriter Diplo and Jevo whom I have not had Twitterings with as yet but you can follow him on Twitter jevo90 should you need to.
So, Shit on the Villa!

***re: @tessdejong, @jevo90 and @diplo***

Lots more from The Streets on

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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets ***something to hide*** Video

Something To Hide, there will be something in this video that everyone will empathise and relate to, or as Skinner says if they don't there's something wrong.

I'm so glad Mike Skinner has made this and his other recent video's. To create these thoughts and observations in his mind and just leave them there to get lost with the daily clutter of in-and-out thoughts would quite literally be a crime.
Once hatched to the public, these little video's outgrow the effort and time it took to make. So please Mike Skinner, keep creating so we can linger, learn and grow.
Now readers, take the time to listen to Skinners words, pause for thought and listen again, because each time I listen, I understand a little more.

***something to hide*** by Mike Skinner

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re: @blackraven999, @henweb, and @mattokine from mike skinner

National debt? Ted Mayhem can't shave because? Mike Skinners teeth?
It's all in this tasty little video - Gingerbread latte flavoured of course.

re: @blackraven999, @henweb, and @mattokine from mike skinner

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Monday 25 October 2010


I received Hello Hi this morning by 21 years old,  

South East London Rapper Teezy, real name Kye Lawrence Hughes. Check out these great Teezy tunes as well - Teezy ft P.U.K - Richer than me ( Official PUK Remix ) Teezy ft. Reece - London Girls and Make You Holla Teezy Ft Levelle.

Teezy, who has worked with Jay-Z, befriended mega stars BeyoncĂ© and Kelly Rowland, is a more than decent dancer, producer & singer, so it will be no surprise to learn he is enjoying his cut of support from 1Xtra, Choice, Radio 1, MTV Base, Flava and Channel AKA . He's a good looking lad too, the only thing that annoys me about Teezy is this whole 'Ladies Man' thing, I'm not really into that, anyway ...

enjoy the music and the video ...


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Sunday 24 October 2010

The Streets *** The Solution *** on TheBeats

The Streets *** The Solution *** on TheBeats

Don't miss this! It's the latest episode from Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem.

*** The Solution ***

Let's hope there are more of these to come, brilliant food for thought.

Keep up with The Streets on his very nicely put together new web site:

Professor Green BEST UK HIP HOP at the MOBOs

Great news on Wednesday night in Liverpool, Professor Green picked up the coveted MOBO award for Best UK Hip Hop!

You can hear it from the man himself by watching the moment he won right here on the iPlayer .

The UK Tour is over, but there are still some tickets available for the December dates, you can get them now

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Saturday 23 October 2010

The Streets - Casting Down Your Pod - 1001

It's back and it's even better than before ...

Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem bring to you

The brilliant madness, that is ...


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Thursday 21 October 2010

On Tuesday 19th October, a beautiful thing happened.

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Friday 15 October 2010

Thebeats - swandieve

Well, I'm not sure what it's all about yet, but Thebeats Official YouTube Channel for Beat Stevie and The Streets came alive with a rustle in the bushes, check out the video and you will find a SWAN!
So, what do you think? Is there a hidden message?

Thebeats - swandieve

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Friday 8 October 2010

Professor Green interview on Breakfast television.

Another really great interview from Professor Green on Breakfast television yesterday.
Watch it here ...

Professor Green interview on Breakfast television.

Professor Green is on top form, 2010 has proven to be a massive year for him.
You can download Professor Green - Monster (feat. Example) Now on iTunes   

Buy the highly acclaimed Professor Green - Alive Till I'm Dead on iTunes

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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Stylah - Them Boys featuring Memphis Bleek + Young Safi‏

Stylah - 'Them Boys' feat Memphis Bleek and Young Safi

Monday 4th October marked the digital release date of rising British rap star Stylah's debut album, Treading Water.

The album, already being heralded as a classic by critics, brings forth quality and substance - both in its production and lyrical content, keeping the flame of Hip Hop in the UK burning brightly.

The next street single from the LP is Them Boys featuring US stalwart Memphis Bleek and newcomer Young Safi and produced by Australian hit maker Styalz Fuego. A real street anthem for 2010! Look out for the video coming soon as well as a star studded remix featuring Grafh, Sway, Joell Ortiz, Immortal Technique! and LikeTheSound favourite Akala.

Stylah - 'Them Boys' feat Memphis Bleek and Young Safi

Treading Water available on itunes now

Download Them Boys MP3 on Mediafire

Follow Stylah on Twitter @Stylah

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Monday 4 October 2010

Rival - Return Of The Rivs *RISKY ROADZ*

Risky Roadz Recordings is proud to bring you its newest signing Rival with his debut mixtape 'Return Of The Rivs'

Available 31/10/10 featuring Ghettz, Jammin, Marger and 9 Milli Major. A great treat for Halloween, Rival is flying the flag

For the UK grime scene right now and this mixtape doesn't disappoint. If your a grime fan this is for you, also look out for new videos from the mixtape and new stuff from Rival hitting the net real soon.



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