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Sunday 28 February 2010

My favourite website of the month - Tess De Jong's - The Streets Blog

As you all know by now, I'm a big fan of The Streets, so when Tess De Jong showed me her web site I literally put a whole evening aside to relax and read through her detailed reviews of every Streets gig she has been to. Tess is a dedicated fan of The Streets, she has followed them around the world.
The blog covers her experiences along the way, the live experience, meeting the band and meeting up with fellow Streets fans. Complete with photos, videos and links to her dedicated youtube channel.
Whilst on the Tess De Jong Streets blog, visit the Casting down your pod section to listen to Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhems hilarious and intriguing chat and music.
The blog is all put together neat and friendly, I love it!

Site of the month

Friday 26 February 2010

Exclusive in-depth and personal interview with Robert Harvey - The Music

Over the past five months I have been building up a lot of respect for Robert Michael Nelson Harvey aka The Music's front man, so I was delighted when he agreed to do an interview exclusively for Like The Sound. I really appreciated his time and honesty.
Read on to find out how Robert has been learning and progressing since the album "Strength In Numbers"

Addolorata : Hello Robert, how are you feeling today?

Robert Harvey : today is a good day thank you.

Addolorata : Energy, self control and power of the mind seem important elements of your daily life, tell me more?

Robert Harvey : well my beliefs are, that we are all just energy. Space held together by energy. Self control is something that I believe is important for me as I grow into a man. A family and a safe environment at home is essential in my mind. Martial arts, music and fitness rule my days and I read and educate myself where I can.

Addolorata : It is important to live life outside of the box isn't it?. Is this something you manage to do? and how?

Robert Harvey : I think everyone is different and for us all to co-exist we have laws and social infrastructure to help us live collectively. For as long as I can remember I have been interested in doing things that were and are beyond what seems realistic. I think its who I am. Every time I make a phone call or go on the internet or turn a light on or drive a car, I become aware of how amazing it is to do those things. During the creation of these life changing things, I wonder if the inventors actually thought it was unrealistic?! For me there is no box. What is key, is to be ones self and express from the heart.

Addolorata : What motivates you these days?

Robert Harvey : my family, my new nephew and most importantly my life itself. While ever I'm aware of my being alive, I want to do great and positive things for myself and others around me.

Addolorata : What music have you been listening to?

Robert Harvey : I don't listen to a great deal really. Wu tang clan, Bruce Springsteen, not much else.

Addolorata : What book are reading? Is it good? Was it a gift or did you buy it?

Robert Harvey : I'm reading 3 books at the moment, NLP for dummies which was a gift and is amazing. Also, The Inner Game Of Golf and The Inner Game Of Tennis. Which are mind blowing. If anyone wants to achieve there potential or quieten the head noise, these books are great.

Addolorata : You seem strong willed to deal with the things that have happened in your life, predominantly, in publicly admitting to drug addiction in your teens, of which you fought, followed by alcohol addiction and depression, none of which are easy to climb out of, but you have done. What did you draw strength from during the most difficult of times?

Robert Harvey : I stopped and looked around. I have a wonderful family and job. For so many years I have suffered from anxiety. I used drugs and alcohol to deal with something that I didn't understand. Psychological problems are a taboo in this country for most of us. I thought I had a serious problem. I accepted I needed help and got the tools to deal with who I am. I still have bad days where I don't feel right, but I just move through them. To be perfectly honest there is nothing to be scared of. I was worried about getting old and not finding love or being alone or dying. But the truth is happening right now. I can sit and worry about those things for as long as I like. But it is right now that is important and smiling : )

Addolorata : Are you on any medication now?

Robert Harvey : I've been off medication for almost 2 years. They were the hardest drugs of all to be on and to get off.

Addolorata : Do you ever drink alcohol nowadays?

Robert Harvey : I don't drink. I don't need it. I have clear goals and drink doesn't come into what I want from my life. I'd like to think one day I could have a drink of wine with a meal.

Addolorata : Do you agree that it is really important to just switch off from being creative from time-to-time in order to recharge yourself?

Robert Harvey : Yes and no. I have lots of energy and need to stay engaged. I try to avoid going inside myself and forgetting the outside world. Chi gong and martial arts are my release and allow me to centre myself.

Addolorata : Since the album "Strength In Numbers", what have you been doing?

Robert Harvey : writing, reading, talking, learning and living.

Addolorata : Several months back you was rocking out with Mike Skinner AKA The Streets, was you helping him with his vocals? Tell me more?

Robert Harvey : mike invited me to go down to a The Streets session to try some vocals on a few things. We jammed and chatted about things. It was a pleasure and I learnt so much from who I believe is a great man and Artist. The new album sounds great from the things I've heard.

Addolorata : You and Mike have been friends for some time now, how did you first meet?

Robert Harvey : we are both managed by coalition. We met about 8 years ago. We were in very different places then but now I feel like we have much more in common and I enjoyed being involved.

Addolorata : In your opinion, what do you think is Mike Skinners finest, most intelligent album to date?

Robert Harvey : as I write music myself I see how people go through different periods in their lives and create through those times. I can look past hype and initial excitement of an artist and try and see what he or she is going through. Knowing Mike a little I saw him trying to express himself honestly. For me to pass judgement would be a mistake. But when I think back to first hearing 'Let's push things forward' I remember a feeling of hope and a knowing that this was something great. It is great.

Addolorata : Push Things Forward is great, I agree. For me, Everything is borrowed - it's a heroic album of deep, intelligent proportions. Now, I know you have been writing new songs recently, are they coming along good? Are you happy with them?

Robert Harvey : the Music are creating great vibes and tunes. Hope to have something by the end of the year.

Addolorata : What is the drive and inspiration behind the new songs so far?

Robert Harvey : its quite simple from my point of view. Learning new things helps me see life from different angles. We have been a band for almost 11 years. Its reached a point where we enjoy trying new things. I think our inspiration is to release something great but also different from our previous work. Life itself is the driving force.

Addolorata : Which of the new songs mean the most to you and why?

Robert Harvey : hard to say yet. My aim is to not become so attached to the songs until they are making me feel good through the ears.

Addolorata : What are you hoping to achieve in 2010?

Robert Harvey : I want to release a 4th Album with The Music that has meaning and sounds great on the dance floor. I'd also love to write and record with and for other people.

Addolorata : Yes, I know you are still only young, but have you thought about writing your autobiography yet?

Robert Harvey : I'll be honest, I don't think my life is or has been that interesting for me to right an autobiography. I don't take myself that seriously. Maybe if I become a huge star one day. But not many people know me or The Music.

Addolorata : What is the most important piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Robert Harvey : Every man today is the result of his thoughts of yesterday. Bruce Lee.

Addolorata : Will you be touring this year?

Robert Harvey : we are hoping to tour this year but its hard to know when until the record is nearly done.

Addolorata : If you had been born any species other than human, what do you think you might have been?
Robert Harvey : I like the idea of being able to fly so maybe a bird.

Addolorata : Thank you for your time Robert.

Keep up with The Music - here

Rewind - Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance
Roger Sanchez AKA The S man, a New York High School of Art and Design graduate, who went on his fathers hunches to pursue a career in DJ-ing.

Sanchez soon became a name to remember in hedonistic party scenes such as Ibiza and Spanish Island. He had his own Label 'One Records' from which he released "Secret Weapons Volume 1". In 2001.

But it was "First Contact" from which "Another Chance" was released, making it at number 1 in the UK charts. He is now the owner of Stealth Records.

And if anyone is in any doubt of the S mans popularity, his Facebook page has 10.000 friend request pending on his personal Facebook account and has reached his max of 5000 friends.

How big is your heart? Enjoy the video.

You can become a fan on Facebook Here ...

and follow him on Twitter Here ...

Thursday 25 February 2010

Sway - The Final Delivery

Sway - The Final Delivery

New track from Sway called 'The Final Delivery' which is from his highly anticipated mixtape, 'The Delivery'.

Sway - The Final Delivery {Mixtape Trailer} Exclusive track from The Delivery

'The Delivery' will be released on Friday at 12pm on

The mixtape features Akon, Styles P, Giggs, Mr Hudson, Kardinal Offishall and many more!!

Follow Sway of Twitter :

Saturday 20 February 2010

Exclusive Interview - with Music Producer - Cj 'Omen' Nwasike

Exclusive Interview - with Music Producer -
Cj 'Omen' Nwasike

Cj 'Omen' Nwasike is a name you are going to be hearing a lot more of. He is enthusiastic, big ideas and the talent behind it to back him up. Like The Sound decided it was time we got to know a little more about this feisty young beatsmith.

Addolorata : Good afternoon Omen, is it OK to call you Omen? What do your friends call you?

CJ : Yeah, it’s fine to call me Omen. Friends just call me CJ!!

Addolorata : Where are you from (born and schooled)?

CJ : Erm, doubt you’re ready!! Was born in the UK, although I’ve studied all over the world. Been to 14 different schools, including the university I’m currently attending right now!

Addolorata : You started producing music with Cubase. What version did you start with?

CJ : I actually started with Cubase 3 in 2004

Addolorata : Have you tried Cubase's 5.1.1 December 2009 release yet?

CJ : Yeah, I’ve got it, although it’s basically just an upgrade, disadvantage is that it won’t load some projects made in 5.0.1 so that’s a problem!!

Addolorata : Tell us how you put your music together, do you use any raw instruments?

CJ : I try as much as possible to incorporate instruments to bring out that flavour. I’m a big fan of the piano & violin along with the saxophone. Basically, I like to record live instruments, and then chop them up!

Addolorata : I really like "Why" (Instrumental) that is really chilling and emotional, how did you feel while you was putting this track together?

CJ : Thanks, I’m a big fan of that track. Basically, I was at a crossroad in my life and heard the sample. Hit up the studio and came out with that!

Addolorata : Who else have you worked with?

CJ : Erm, got quite an extensive client list. Done some stuff with Freeway, Sasha (Storm Records) and a bunch of other artists. Right now, got some stuff in the pipelines with Juelz Santana & Ludacris.

Addolorata : You took an undergraduate degree in Audio Engineering & Music Production in London, I think that is very admirable.

CJ : Thanks.

Addolorata : Have you completed it yet? Was it worth it and why?

CJ : Actually, I’m still studying this now. Studied International Relations in Switzerland for two years, which was good…although my career path changed along the lines into music, which is what I love. I’m learning a lot from the audio engineering course, which is great!

Addolorata : Have you got your own studio?

CJ : Currently in the process of setting up my studio. Right now, I usually book out studios by the day and work it out! Consider my self to be a perfectionist! Never stop till it’s done!

Addolorata : What piece of equipment has been invaluable to you so far?

CJ : Right now, I’d have to say my MPC 5000. It’s a great asset and is evident in a lot of my stuff.

Addolorata : What are you working on right now?

CJ : Right now, working on some stuff with Juelz Santana for his upcoming album, as well as Ludacris on his upcoming album, Ludaversal. Just rounded up some stuff with Freeway last week, the track should be out soon! Trust me, it’s crazy!! Working with four female singers, Brittany Pasquelina, Coda Ray, Gina & Abbee Pule. Got a rapper I’m working with at the moment, Redemer. The dude has got some fire!!!

Addolorata : Any surprise guests in the pipeline?

CJ : Erm, right now, I’ll leave everything closed just in case stuff does’t go according to plan, but there’s gonna be a lot of stuff coming your way in a few months!!

Addolorata : Who would you most like to work with?

CJ : Honestly speaking, the list would be quite extensive, in terms of producers; Kanye West, Timbaland, Pete Rock, Ryan Leslie, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze & Cool & Dre. In terms of artists, a few would have to be Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, Alicia Keys, Fabolous, Nas, Mos Def, Mary J. Blige & the list goes on…

Addolorata  : Where do you hope to be ten years from now?

CJ : In ten years, I’d love to have a few grammys sitting on the mantle piece!!! Basically, still making good music and receiving critical acclaim can keep me going forever!!!

Thank you for your time CJ. Keep working hard.

Check out CJ's

Give your support and keep updated on CJ's Facebook - Cj 'Omen' Nwasike

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Thursday 18 February 2010

Giggs - Don't Go There - Download 21.02.10

Since Giggs collaboration with The Streets Mike Skinner on 'Slow Songs', Giggs has raised his profile considerably, with all the new support will undoubtedly come the haters - unfortunately, so I have been silently edgy over weather Giggs will let us down, well, the answer to that is in the title. 'Don't Go There' is holding his name up high - with ease. The video, shot in pristine black and white in Peckham and Atlanta, directed by Adam Powell gives perfectly with the song, go see it now on
Big-ups to Atlanta's B.O.B (Bobby Ray) too, I really like his vocals and he looks slick. 
Release :  21 February on XL Recordings.
Available on iTunes.

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Rewind : Daft Punk - One More Time

Daft Punk are French House Music duo Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. The two met whilst at school in 1987. They first formed 'Darlin' with Laurent Brancowitz. By the age of 18, Branowitz had left the band and then came Daft Punk.
'One more time' Is the Electronic House track taken from their second album titled 'Discovery' Released 2001 and it was also Daft Punk's most successful single in 2000.

Lets have a little dance then shall we?

Monday 15 February 2010

Bashy Feat Loick Essien - When The Sky Falls (Shank Theme Track)

'When The Sky Falls'  from Bashy.
This is Bashy's first release for 2010 and it is damn good. 'When The Sky Falls' is also the Theme song for the hard hitting futuristic feature film 'Shank'. Even those who tried to diss Bashy can't deny he's done more than good with this one.
The track sees Bashy joining forces with with Loick Essien who has recently been signed by Sony/Colmbia. I'm really impressed with Loick's vocals on this track. I love it!
Expect to see this video ripping through the best music channels. With cameos from JME, GIGGS, KOJO, GRIMINAL & ADAM DEACON watch it now, and let us know what you think.

The Film Stars...Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas, Kaya Scolardio(Skins), Adam Deacon(Adulthood), Colin Salmon(James Bond), Eddie Kadi, Robbie Gee & Kedar Williams-Stirling.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Cassell The BeatMaker - Exclusive interview.

It was a great honour to be approached by Cassell The BeatMaker for an interview, I have been appreciating his talents since he joined Mike Skinner's The Steets new line-up last year.
So lets get to know Cassell a whole lot better in his own right.

Addolorata : Hi Cassell, how are you today?

Cassell : Well to be honest its 3am at the moment. Lol But feeling ok. This music game does not have set hours just taking a break from finishing a mix in the studio.

Addolorata : It's time to get to know you a bit better, so let's start from the beginning, where are you from? (Born and schooled)
Cassell : I was born in East London, Forest Gate. I went to St Bonaventure School.

Addolorata : Was the drums your first instrument of choice?

Cassell : Yes the drums are my first choice. I had a few piano lessons and cello lessons, but I would always get in trouble for using them as percussion instruments.

Addolorata : When did you get your first drum kit?

Cassell : I used to practice on my best friends drum kit, which he had set up in a shed in the back of his garden. I remember it was either too hot or freezing cold, but the weather couldn't stop me I was addicted. I got my own drum kit a few years later.

Addolorata : What are the best drums ever made in your opinion?

Cassell : Well I started off with a Premier kit. Then switched to an American company called Pearl. But after hearing a friends new Premier Kit I went back to the British Brand again. I ended up with a Premier endorsement and now this is the only drum brand I play. I love them they sound PHAT and look amazing. Premier have designed a kit especially for me. It is the first kit they have made with a sparkle fade finish. I should be receiving it in a few weeks. I can't wait.

Addolorata : Who is your hero of all drummers?

Cassell : I don't have one drum hero, but at a young age I was blown away by a drummer called Dave Weckl, I still am. But I admire a lot of drummers. Dennis Chambers, Mark Mondesir, Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Vinnie Colaiuta, Josh Mckenzie, Jerry Brown to name a few.

Addolorata : You gained my respect whilst working with Mike Skinner and the Streets, How did you meet Mike and join The Streets?

Cassell : Whilst recording with Akala in Germany I received a call from Mike's publisher, who knew me through working with Plan B, he asked if I was interested in doing the next tour. About a month after that Mike rang me up and I went to a rehearsal and met the rest of the band. We jammed for about 20 minutes then went to the pub. From there on I became a member of The Streets.

Addolorata : There is no denying you are multi-talented in the field of music, you are an ace drummer, music producer, studio engineer and songwriter too. Have I missed anything out?

Cassell : Thanks for the complement. I am privileged to share great memories with all the people who come to shows or listen to recordings I'm involved in. I'm also involved in music workshops run by a good friend of mine who is a great musician. The organization is called Bassistry Arts, check it out!

Addolorata : It is only the beginning of February and you have already been very busy so far this year working with Plan B, Akala, Colin Emanuel and Keziah Jones - tell me more?

Cassell : I took part in writing and playing on all of the tracks on Plan B's recent album. We had been recording for roughly 3 years and we ended up with about 3 albums worth of songs. The 1st single,’ Stay Too Long' went straight into the top 10 and the album,' The Defamation Of Strickland Banks' is due for release on the 5th of April 2010.

I have also been busy writing/recording with Akala and working on a new project he has set up named, 'Hip-Hop Shakespeare. His first single, 'XXL' is released in April and the album,'Double Think!' Comes out in September. We have already started work on a new album for 2011.

Keziah Jones? Whilst on The Streets US tour, I got a call from Keziah asking me to do a show in L.A, which worked out great. I stayed there an extra week. LOL. Now Keziah is in the Caribbean preparing to write his next album.

Just finished Producing & mixing an E.P for Bassistry entitled,’ Try This'.

Addolorata : Wow, that's pretty amazing, so what's next?

Cassell : I have a few live promotional dates in Europe then a UK tour in April followed by festival dates with Plan B. Also more recording and festival dates followed by a UK tour with Akala. May also be performing at Glastonbury Festival with Colin Emanuel which is cool cause I’m also there with Plan B. Will be completing a new album with,'Bassistry'.

Addolorata : Will you be working with The Streets again this year for the fifth and final album? Will there be a tour?

Cassell : Watch this space on that.

Addolorata : Hahaha, okay, so what music have you been listening to lately?

Cassell : I have been listening to Alicia Keys, Paolo Nutini, Radio Head, Pantera, Jay Z, and Old rare soul & reggae music.

Addolorata : Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Cassell : In music it's been Chaka Khan and Michael Jackson. In life there are too many people to mention.

Addolorata : Thank you for taking time-out from the studio Cassell, I really enjoyed that.

You can catch up with Cassell on

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Mike Skinner, Go Low & The GO LOW PLANE !

Is it a Go Low plane?
It certainly was!

Like The Sound is all about celebrating all things great in music. Today we are celebrating
the GO LOW!!!
Firstly, what is the GO LOW all about?
The Go Low is a classic and legendary manoeuvre famously created by Mike Skinner during The Streets gigs. Here is a good example of what the Go Low is all about
The Streets - Live Roskilde - Go Low

A proud moment here, back in July '09 the Go Low plane was gassed, ready to fly and just as planned it flew over The Kendall Calling festival on 31st July, flying the GO LOW banner. Skinner said of the event "Kendall Calling had the best after show food courtesy of pizza express and the first outing of the go low plane. The Go Low plane is my way of inspiring a greater percentage of Go Low uptake. It consists of a plane towing a sign saying Go Low".

The Go Low plane was captured in action by Streets fan, Tess De Jong

Click Here  to read Tess De Jong's blog reviewing all the Streets gigs she has attended. I felt as though I had been there after reading it.
Thank you Tess.

This was indeed, a very proud moment. Well done to Mike Skinner and The Streets.

So lets do it together, right now, wherever you are it's gonna be beautiful, say yeah! Go Low!

Monday 1 February 2010

Plan B - New UK tour on sale now

After bringing Strickland Banks to an intimate audience in London last week, I'm pleased to announce that Plan B will be heading out for a full UK tour in April.


Check out below to see where he's playing


Thursday 8th - Anson Rooms, Bristol

Friday 9th - O2 Academy, Oxford

Saturday 10th - O2 Academy, Birmingham

Sunday 11th - Concorde 2, Brighton

Wednesday 14th - The Cockpit, Leeds

Thursday 15th - Academy 2, Manchester

Friday 16th - O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

If you would like to write gig reviews for Like The Sound


If you would like to appear on Like The Sound, send your video's, photo's and press releases to
Greatness will prevail in all cases.