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Friday 15 June 2012

Back soon ... meanwhile

LikeTheSound will be back soon ...



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In England, strokes are a major health problem. Every year over 150,000 people have a stroke and it is the third largest cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. The brain damage caused by strokes means that they are the largest cause of adult disability in the UK.

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Saturday 2 June 2012

New : The D.O.T Diary May 12

Ahh! I'm crazy for the latest serving of The D.O.T Diary - May 12. This is just my kinda thing.
Don't waste time trying to figure out what's going on, just watch it, enjoy it and bits and pieces will fall into place, the rest? well, were not meant to know it all just yet.
So, the boys have attended the grandeur's of Cannes festival and the infra-red photographic artwork for the D.O.T's debut E.P is on it's way. Mike Skinner revealed some examples earlier in May and it's looking deep, cranberry-fied and mysterious. I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hand.

Note the gorgeous little boy in the video, doesn't he have an elegant and eye-catching little face for films? Excellent filming, editing and sound. Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey both impress and humour as always, cross-examining sanity at it's finest. ....insanity?... or was that supersonic audio deceptions?

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