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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Rock and Roll Fuck 'n' Lovely - Brand new trailer

Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely - Brand new trailer

It's 'A twisted and sometimes surreal tale, following rock band The Fuckin Lovelies through drugs, drinking, music and finally a mythical music festival'. It is going to be the film to kick the 2012 film season into gear and everyone will want to say they've seen it!

The production team includes one of LikeTheSound's favourite producer's and artistic talent Spencer Leven. Starring Pete Doherty, Mick Whitnall, Joel Fry, David Crellin, Michael Starke, Anton Saunders, Lee Whitlock, Leah Muller, Micky Christmas, Laura Freeman, Cary Crankson, Lewis Howell, Andy Edwards, David Peacock, John and Eddie Jenkins.  

One band. One tour.

There's three simple rules ...

1. You can not drink on this shit

2. If you're gonna do it, don't take too much of it

3. and don't fucking cane it!

... but cross the line and,

it's like sitting in hell with the devil.

This is the brand new trailer by FlyFaction

Produced by Josh Bagnall, Spencer Leven, Bob Horwell, Yan Miles and Fish-Pot Productions.

Earlier this year, LikeTheSound was proud to interview Spencer Leven, read what he told us in this exclusive interview :  Here ...

Rock and Roll Fuck 'n' Lovely ...

It's coming soon.

Are you ready?

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