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Wednesday 7 October 2009

Kid British *EXCLUSIVE* Interview Pt 2

Last Wednesday saw Kid British at the MOBOs in Glasgow, enjoying the red carpet and performing with the Young Soul Rebels.

If you missed the performance of 'I Got Soul' or if you just want to watch it again it is now available for fans in the UK via the BBC iPlayer.

whereas this morning see's poor James at the dentist having his wisdom tooth pulled out. 2 injections and a lot of blood later we are hoping he is back on form soon because he will be playing the Guild of Students (14+) Liverpool in 2 days time.

I got a moment of Adio's time to bring you part 2 of the Exclusive to Like The Sound interview with Kid British.

Addolorata: Hello Adio, how old are you and what do you do for Kid British?

Adio: iam 25 years young and iam a songwriter and part time vocalist!

Addolorata: What is your proudest moment of 2009 so far?
Adio: Being told by lynvial golding from the specials than we are the future as i listen to what people like him have to say than most people involved in music who claim to know it all .

Addolorata: Who is big in your game right now?
Adio: kid british

Addolorata: Our House Is Dadless is the third single to be taken from your debute album It Was This Or Football, will there be a fourth single to come from it? and what will it be?
Adio: i should hope so ha it would be a shame if we didnt .

Addolorata: The law is about to change. A defendant usually has the right to know who his or her accusers are, soon this will no longer be the case for defendants aged 11-30 charged with murder or manslaughter in English courts. In your opinion, is it right to use anonymous witnessess?
Adio: i think that law change could cause problems because if the person is not fount guilty they may want to go looking for the accuser.

Addolorata: If you wasn't in Kid British, what would you be doing now?
Adio: selling tables and chairs at any furniture store that is willing to hire me ha

Addolorata: V festival virgins aren't you? So how did that go at the weekend?
Adio: it was amazing we really had a good time we were not really expecting anybody to turn up but on both dates the tent was packed before we got on !

Addolorata: Have you got a girlfriend? (or boyfriend?)
Adio: nop

Addolorata: Who is your biggest influence?
Adio: my mum

Addolorata: From this moment in time, what's next for Kid British
Adio: we are looking forward to our tour in october and for more people to hear about us and get to know what makes us tick as we think many people dont know to much about us !

Many thanks Adio and Kid British

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