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Sunday 13 February 2011

When The Streets took over The Guardian - This is what happened.

Well, what a week it's been over at The Guardian. The Streets took over the music office and we - the readers got lucky. So what happened?

Mike Skinner by Photograph: Matthew Donaldson

Mike Skinner explains - on 7th February 2011


Highly recommended : The last ever Casting Down Your Pod on Thursday 10th.

Mon 7th  Streets takeover: Charting Drake's progress

Mon 7th  Download the 'last ever' Streets song, Close the Book - audio

Mon 7th  Get five free Streets tracks using the Skinner Scanner

Mon 7th  The Shoes (No 962)

Tue 8th   'I have a tattoo of Bruce Springsteen wearing 3D glasses on my leg'

Tue 8th   Streets takeover: Meet the new faces of UK dance

Tue 8th   Ghostpoet: Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam – Exclusive album stream

Tue  8th  RoxXxan (No 963)

Wed 9th  Meet the rising stars of UK hip-hop

Wed 9th  SuitCase (No 964)

Thu 10th  The Streets: Casting Down Your Pod (Guardian edition) – audio

Thu 10th  Kito (No 965)

Fri 11th  The Streets present ... Matt Calderwood's SCRAPS

Fri 11th  Engine-Earz Experiment (No 966)

Many thanks to Mike Skinner and The Guardian.

The Streets tour is ahead of us, and this is the end of The Streets as far as any future correspondence and releases go, but The Streets music and the legend who is Mike Skinner will live on forever in our hearts, our ears and our eyes.

The Streets, Bon Voyage and WE LOVE YOU!

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1 comment:

  1. word on the street is,1). Jack White is recording under the name SuitCase. or 2). SuitCase is recording in Jack White's studio. That's what we keep hearing. I'm sure news will break soon.

    also, Jack White (SuitCase) and Mike Skinner did a song together called Little Girlfriend"



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