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Wednesday 1 December 2010

New video - Mike Skinner - ***too numb***

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets,  tweet / blogged to his followers this new song titled Too Numb.
I love this song with a passion, the additively eloquent vocals of Robert Harvey cascading through the subdued, crystal- clear voice of Mike Skinner...

"Exhaust fumes and the frost look no different from your breath,
but for a blueness and a thickness and a depth.
The scraping goes through me vibrating my shoes
But happy Iam as I pause for the thought
Only two moments ago I was dreaming
toastie and slowly I showed up in realism"

Too Numb is top quality song, I would be very happy to have purchased it on iTunes and I would be sitting here knowing I had more than got my money's worth. How lucky for us that Mike Skinner is sharing these clever, thought-provoking songs with us - video's include via youtube.

"It's freezing!"

Too Numb has received exciting feedback already, so ride-on, walk-harder, run-faster or just stop what your doing and listen ... it's

***Too Numb***

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