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Saturday 11 December 2010

Stylah - Prologue

UK Rapper Stylah has united faces from the UK urban scene for his directorial debut, "Prologue", filmed in the style of Nickelback's hit video, Rockstar. Each of the 25 + cameos perform a line from the track which happens to be the intro to Stylah's debut album Treading Water, as previously mentioned here on LikeTheSound and out now on iTunes.


The video, which is the follow up to Stylah's controversial viral hit, Killa, an anti gun track with a graphic video banned by TV and featured on The Sun's website. Features the likes of actor/director Noel Clarke, rapper/radio presenter/entrepreneur Charlie Sloth, radio personalities Ace + Vis, rapper/actor Bashy, comedian Doc Brown, our local celebrity ex ganster Dave Courtney and numerous other rap artists including Sway, Sincere, Lowkey, Smiler, G Frsh, DocChrome, DJ Snips, DJ 279, D Raw, Ill Mill, Mega (SAS), K Koke, Wordplay, Tony D, Strapzy, Fusion, Loudmouth, and Haze.

Stylah remarked "People always tell me that I have an ability to say what other people are thinking so I thought it would be a powerful visual to have the collective UK scene rapping the words to my song. It also gave an opportunity for me to put some people from different sides of the scene who would never normally work with each other on the same project."

Treading Water was released on iTunes in October on Stylah's own LDN Global imprint and get its full release in January.

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