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Friday 10 December 2010

Scrooge and Marley - I Don't Want It To Be Me

For what you are about to receive is glorious and highly praiseworthy. What a blessing it is Robert Harvey and Mike Skinner decided to join creative forces, load up the JV1080 and find the Church bells patch.
Whilst achieving everything that should be wonderful about a Christmas tune with Robert Harvey's vocals sounding pleasingly akin to Paul McCartney in the Wings era and Mike Skinner on keys caressed with musical warmth - I Don't Want It To Be Me also comes with a neat video featuring wintery festive and haunting scenes of Nature, Taxidermy, Log fires, Chestnuts roasting, Harvey and Skinner  - the squirals being one of my favourite scenes.

Robert Harvey
As Mike Skinner has already pointed out on his
blog - Christmas is also the season to be lonely " some point someone scuppered your dreams. and you’re hurting..." The truth in that statement is what makes this song so essential.

A good, full-bodied, well-written, beautifully sung song can meaningfully fill the gaps you need filled in a deeply personal way and this song has got all of those qualities we need to celebrate and release a little of that hidden pain in the process.

I Don't Want It To Be Me is so well put together I feel guilty for not paying for it. Of all the songs I have purchased on iTunes this month - none is as deserving of my 99p than Scrooge and Marley's - I Don't Want It To Be Me.

Feel the love - it smacks of CHRISTMAS!!!

Mike Skinner

Watch the video :
Scrooge and Marley - I Don't Want It To Be Me

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