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Monday 22 November 2010

New Mike Skinner video ***no awkward barz on the walk of stars***

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets and Ted Mayhem latest The Beats video where @skinnermike takes Twitter to a new and exciting level replying to his followers by video is a real nice treat for any one's peepers.
Amidst the soft bubbles created by Aromatherapy bath products, Skinner starts off by informing us that "Birmingham is not the same city I used to get robbed in". Urging his body in and out of the water teasingly he goes on to reply to @ClareThornhill who Tweeted that she is voting for Mike Skinner to have a star on the Walk of stars in Birmingham. He concluded that before he gets a star in Birmingham he should get a star in cyberspace. *

Does anybody know why it is that soap kills the bubbles in your bubble bath? Strange but true!

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1 comment:

  1. Soap kills the bubbles because it reacts with "hardness" minerals (chiefly calcium) to form lime soaps, which are efficient anti-foams. Lime soap left on a glass also breaks the head of beer, and soap is incorporated in some laundry detergents as a suds control agent on the assumption that the water will still have some "hardness" after reacting with the other ingredients. Soap in water that is completely "softened" won't break bubbles, but only add to them.

    All oily materials have some bubble-breaking property, but those with some surface activity such as lime soaps and medium chain alcohols are more potent than most.



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