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Tuesday 2 November 2010

*** The Streets – Trust Me *** New video

Old song, new video, said Mike Skinner AKA The Streets. Trust Me isn't a brand new song, Skinner gave a sample of Trust Me to his followers via Twitter last year and took it on the road with him live. It was highly popular with re-mixers, one of my favourite of those being the Calzo Houdini Remix, you can listen to it here on YouTube Trust Me - The Streets - CalzoHoudini Remix 
Trust Me was also massive with DJ's and students and today it sounds as fresh as the day it was born.

Trust Me is immediately recognised by the hearty, soulful backing vocals, crucial beats and clever bars ... I see Alice in Wonderland, I see Malice in Sunderland, Mouse to house, I love this land, The where without, it's Thumberland.
The video version of Trust me is quite a bit shorter which is a shame because there are some really great lyrics missing - Why is there so much noise, Reading info, buying toys, We all fear of company, But we are fierce anonymously, Into shit on the Internet, Clashing people, chatting evil, But we are cheery social sorts, With the pleasing photo forward, Pass the love around and back to me, Walking down a madman's street, The music in my ears is fleeting, Struggle to shuffle to the same beat, We are nothing if not nice, We have a pretty buttered knife, Is the skyline sliced up into pieces and broken steel and strife, Anything you tell me, Yes, yes, I will believe, But again and I suspect, Again and I will leave, Slow burn a little heaven, Roaming yearnings for devon, Coburn '67, Don't work for them, Trust me. - perhaps they will remain for the album version?
Mike Skinner did suggest last year that Trust Me was safe for the new album - only known so far as Computers and Blues - lets hope so.

While we are on the subject of which tracks will essentiate the new Streets album, I'm really holding out strong for Roof of Your Car, Love light of my life, Where my heart has beenBlip On A Screen, Outside inside and Infamy.

The video is great, with beautiful close ups, bars, fat cigars, take-aways, galleries and Stellas. It has an underworld feel to it like scenes from a modern day Pacino or De Niro film but more Arty and with brief appearances from The Music's Robert Harvey who has been working with with Skinner in the studio earlier this year and Ted Mayhem, there's lots to see in this video, it's a real treat.

*** The Streets – Trust Me *** New video

For more on The Streets visit Official.

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