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Sunday, 31 October 2010

***navy & black*** From The Streets (Fashion)

Navy and Black! What springs to mind when you hear that? Do not mix! by any chance?

Don't you believe it! Mike Skinner AKA
The Streets blogged this week on his new website  "I saw a thing recently that said DO NOT BE AFRAID OF NAVY WITH BLACK..."

In my window dressing for Principles days I was told NEVER to mix Navy and black. I disagreed with this bog-standard theory because colours are an expression of freedom to discover and enhance our mood, personality and style be it decor, art, textiles or other. In the case of fashion, if it suites the person wearing it, lead by example!

In my personal opinion, I think Black and Navy worn together brings to light a dramatic, mysterious, slightly masculine look, especially when worn by women.
I studied colour therapy some years back and learned Navy means Truth, Healing and Intuition, while Black is Silent, Elegant and Powerful. With this in mind, it is easy to understand why Mike Skinner is not afraid to wear Navy and Black together as seen above ...

Skinner is most usually seen wearing Black and/or famously - Pink. A person who shows favouritism to Pink, especially in a male is often found to be Compassionate, Faithful and Sensitive and displays a child-like Innocence. Pink is also renown to have a calming effect, helpful indeed when you live in the busy mind of a modern day genius.

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