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Sunday 16 August 2009

The Streets forced to Cancel Summer Sundae & Edinburgh

it is with sincere regret that The Streets had to cancel this weekends (August 14th) Summer Sundae Leicester & (August 15th) Picture House Edinburgh shows.

Mike Skinner reported on his page on his own health

"tonsilitus again. this time they're coming out. I will be doing summer sundae this evening and you hopefully won't notice the difference. I may be a bit more psychedelic"

Unfortunatly, his bravery was over-ruled when it was confirmed his bass player, the great Wayne Vibes has sadly contracted swine flu.

With utter frustration he tweeted

"and just as i get the all clear, my bass player wayney is diagnosed with swine flu. AAAGGGGGHHHH! I'm waiting to hear from management but i suspect this weekend is not going to happen. i want to cry" This was a big dissapointment all round.

Mike immediatly updated his fans saying

"it is with sincere regret that we've had to cancel this weekends shows. i think my previous messages have demonstrated my frustration. but there is nothing we've been able to do at such short notice. next weekend will definatly go ahead, V etc."

And the latest news from Mike is that they are "trying to also reschedule the edinburgh show"

This video, is dedicated to you wayney, for your ace bass playing on this song. We love you - get well soon and think of the good times.


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