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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Giggs ft The Streets - Slow Songs

Giggs ft The Streets - Slow Songs

Due for release : Monday 17th August 2009

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets and Giggs AKA Hollowman got together for Giggs fourthcoming single Slow Songs. Mike Skinner never fails to impress with his collaborations, take Kano feat. Leo the Lion & Mike Skinner - Nite Nite - it is my favourite collab Mike has done up-until Slow Songs, and Mitchell Brothers ft Mike Skinner - Harvey Nicks, Routine Check and Excuse my brother, Professor Green's When You Wasn't Famous Remix, MC's Get out my House Remix and The Twang feat Mike Skinner & Pro Green - Either Way Remix - the boys just met up in Brighton to shoot the video with a couple of cameras on the beach - great atmosphere?

I have it on good authority that Skinner has more collaborations planned for the near future so watch this space for more on that.
Big respect to Giggs.
Slow Songs is produced by and featuring Mike Skinner and is already causing a stir with Tim Westwood, Mistajam and Zane Lowe.

Slow Songs - Giggs feat. The Streets

Lyrics : Slow Songs - Giggs feat. The Streets

Giggs [Verse 1]

They talk about they wanna cut crime down,
I do somethin' positive and they fly down,
im pissed off so I lie down,
wrap a spliff, grab a pen and I wind down,
mad poverty, niggaz cant get jobs
so they buy brown, by light, drive 'round
try and hustle on the streets to get the right pounds,
and little youths gettin' knived down,
cuz a nigga got pissed and brought a knife round...
they dont care about a sign to put their knives down,
next level, niggas gonna get their nines now,
rinse off the t'ing and put a life down,
think of the shit we live our lives round,
thats why i can't understand all the fight downs.

Mike Skinner [Chorus]

when the shadows in the sun grow long,
we listen to a slow slow song...

Giggs [Verse 2]

I used to roll strapped up packing a glock,
runnin' round rinsin' at the back of a block,
i used to shot cats, hold packets of rock,
now i make music what they're plannin' to block,
fuck these little faggoty cops,
i came a long way from a raggedy top,
old Reeboks and my gravities on,
now everything drops, i get my gravity on,
the whole industry gettin' mad at my songs,
sayin' they dont like me the way im carryin' on...
its been a mad journey, these fuckers dont know where im travellin' from,
they try'n a make my buzz lighter,
try'n a get to me lockin' down my blood Kaiser,
smoke weed while sippin' on a Budweiser.


Mike Skinner : [Verse 3]

Its just a phase we know, that hazy glow,
comin' off the blazing road,
but im like Amir Khan, i appear calm,
all that clear charm, but clip your ear I'll,
raa, keep score of what ive got,
in the draw with the socks,
feeling ever more than alot,
i used to score shottings at the squats,
fuck it, duck it, in the bucket seat,
spunked all my currency and my luck you see,
on my grind, blind, frightened sometimes,
mixing white wine with whine,
late nights on the paved light,
with Dave types, chitter chatter with the latter,
wave bye, behave right, lets stay tight.

[Chorus x2]

SB.TV/RWD - Making Of 'Slow Songs' ft. Giggs & Mike Skinner [The Streets] (HD)


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