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Saturday 25 February 2012

Reviews : The D.O.T - Strong Skunk

Strong Skunk is the latest of The D.O.T's nineteen tracks released so far. Yes, 19 tracks! and the beautiful thing about it is that The D.O.T are not just whacking out any old tunes, each track released is a top quality tune I'd happily pay my hard-earned pennies for. Listen to Shut Up and Keep Talking, That's That which has a lovely psychedelic feel to it that reminds me of The Boo Radley's - whom I love to bits! Everything Falls, Wrong Way Right Way and my all time favourite Weapon Of Choice. If you love what Mike Skinner and Robert Harvey have been doing then you are in for a treat because they are currently working on their debut album.

Strong Skunk is mixed with unrestricted funky beats, fused with great lyrics and sung with the unmistakable, meaningful, inspirational voice of Robert Harvey, backed with that beautiful harmonising from Mike Skinner "Like a child whose afraid of the dark, or a man whose afraid of the light" that is so fulfilling and perfectly delivered it should have been repeated two to three times each, it's the best part of the song! Strong Skunk is possibly "one of" the greatest tracks of The D.O.T's finest tunes to date. I really hope this will be on the album.

Play it, love it and then share it.

The D.O.T - Strong Skunk (Version 2)

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