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Sunday 19 June 2011

With regret The Streets International Film Festival is cancelled.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival
announced this morning that The Streets International Film Festival event will be cancelled as will a number of UK festival dates.

The EIFF  said "It is with great regret that we announce Mike Skinner will be unable to attend the Edinburgh International Film Festival this Sunday 19th June, due to unforeseen personal circumstances. His event, The Streets International Film Festival, Sunday 19th June will be cancelled with all ticket holders refunded in full. The singer will also be cancelling a number of UK festival dates".

Mike Skinner was confirmed alongside eight other guests to curate the 65th Edinburgh Film Festival back in February and was due to stage an experimental performance event based on his favourite movie moments today.

Mike Skinner commented :

"It is with great regret that I'm unable to be in Edinburgh on Sunday for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. My wife and I are expecting a baby and there have been some sudden unexpected circumstances involving the birth that we need to be in hospital for over the weekend. I was very much looking forward to participating in this year’s event and presenting my own take on my favourite films and hope the Festival has a fantastic year. I am sure I will be back to visit the film festival in some capacity in the future."

James Mullighan, Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival added:

"We are deeply saddened to hear that Mike is unable to attend and our thoughts go out to him and his family at this time."

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My heartfelt wishes go to Mike Skinner, his wife and family and sincerely hope for some joyous news from Mike and his family very soon.


 Link : Mike Skinner and The Streets Facebook page



  1. I hope that they are ok!

  2. This is very good news! Thank you Tess xx

  3. Hi! It’s unfortunate to know about the cancellation of the street international film festival. However, I have heard a lot about Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece. I am planning to visit the grand event! Apart from Greece visa, is there any other requirement?



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