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Friday 3 June 2011

Exclusive Interview with Spencer Leven - Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely Film Producer and Assistant Director

Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely

With all the positive vibes I have been hearing about an exciting new Rock and Roll road movie, I couldn't wait to interview Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely Producer and Assistant Director  Spencer Leven.  We spoke about mental party moments, Noel Gallagher, Pete Doherty, tattoo's and of course Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely. So what's it all about? Read on ....

Addolorata : What has your roll been to the film Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Producer and Assistant Director

Addolorata : How did you get involved?

Spencer : Me and Josh, the writer director, have worked together for about 7 years, since we made the visuals for the Streets 10 rounds tour. So have been on board since the beginning, before it was an idea and we were living it.

Addolorata : Who wrote Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Josh Bagnall

Addolorata : Tell us what the film is about?

Spencer : The film is a dark and fantastical touring tale with a little rock n' roll on the side just for good measure. This is a road movie. This is a rock and roll drama, a tale that exposes the rumors surrounding a mythical festival tour, or is it just the drugs?.

Addolorata : What names can we look forward to see in it?

Spencer : Pete Doherty, Joel Fry, Mik Whitnall, Anton Saunders, Crispian Belfrage, Lee Whitlock and Michael starke

Addolorata : Who has done the soundtrack?

Spencer : Morgan Nichols - (Muse, Gorrilaz, Senseless Things.) Eddie Jenkins - (The Streets, Example, Lily Allen and DJ.) Jonny Jenkins - (The Streets, Example, Lily Allen.) Mick Whitnall - (Babyshambles.) Peter Doherty - (Babyshambles,The Libertines.) Rich De Rosa - (Scubaroots.)

Addolorata : Is this your debut film production?

Spencer : Yes

Addolorata : Are you a trained dancer?

Spencer : Yes

Addolorata : Where did you train?

Spencer : Boden Studios and North London Dance Studio

Addolorata : When did you decide you wanted to be a film producer/Director?

Spencer : Not long after making my first Music Video, Harvey Nicks - The Mitchell Brothers, I knew I wanted to make a film, didn't actually think i'd get to do it

Addolorata : Didn't work for this film start in 2008? Were you happy with the time span it took to get this film finished?

Spencer : Would have loved for it to be quicker, but pulling in every favour you've ever earnt and then some, takes time to schedule

Addolorata : Who is funding this film?

Spencer : Our fuck’n’lovely friends and family.

Addolorata : What was the most nerve-wrecking moment in the making of Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : There were lots of them most of which I cant mention! But filming Pete's car scene when he wasn’t allowed into London or the front seat of car proved problematic. Making us run over on the next scene which meant shooting a party scene in the morning with very tired extras, needless to say most hit the cutting room floor.

Addolorata : How did you deal with that?

Spencer : A lot of clever editing.

Addolorata : Most memorable moment during filming?

Spencer : There were lots of mental party moments, as this film was made in true rock and roll style, but actually it was when we were filming A tour bus driving scene with Michael Starke (Simbad from Brookside), we were using Oasis tour bus parked outside their gig, I was stood by a lighting stand spinning lights to look like passing traffic and Michael was walking round going through his lines when someone shouted "My Mum loves you" looked round and it was Noel. They got chatting and we got behind schedule, we had kinda stolen there tour bus though.

Addolorata : What else have you done between leaving North London Dance Studio and Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely?

Spencer : Danced for a few years in London, Edinburgh, Las Vegas and Europe, Threw some events and parties, toured with The Streets making a dvd , made visuals for lots of artists, Streets, Madness, Mary j Blige, Rolldeep, Adf, Made a load of music videos,Took Pro Green on his first tour and then to the power summit in the Bahamas, made a short, worked on some films, pierced my nipple, had a couple of tattoos, Broken my nose a few times, grazed my knee, fell off a swing, Lived, Loved, Laughed, Nearly Died, had a lot of fun and thats just what I can remember

Addolorata : That sound's like a lot of fun! Have your family been supportive of your production and your career choice?

Spencer : I've been blessed with a large extended family, were all very close and they've been great.

Addolorata : That is a blessing, it's priceless. What is the one question you wish I had asked but haven't?

Spencer : Would you like a drink?

Addolorata : Would you like a drink Spencer?

Spencer : Yes Please, A brandy and coke...Double Standard

Addolorata : Hahaha! Rock and Roll Fuck'n'Lovely is currently in post production status, when is it likely to be released?

Spencer : The Film is complete, we are just negotiating the distribution after a successful trip to Cannes so VERY soon i hope, keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date info  Rock and Roll Fuck'n'lovely on Facebook

Addolorata : Do you have a new project in the pipeline?

Spencer :Yes we do :-) Can't wait to get fully stuck into that I'm very excited about this one...

Addolorata : What is your moto in life?

Spencer : All good things come to those who wait , but only whats left by those that hustle.

My next tattoo btw.

Thank you kindly Spencer Leven for a top interview.

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  1. Love t!. very nice interview Addolorata, And nice to get to know Spencer a little better this way :)

  2. The life of the producer/ assisstant director can be hard sometimes because others take credits for a lot of things you do. I wanted to study that and I was told I should go to Argentina because they have the best courses related to it. So I will, I already have my buenos aires apartment waiting for me. I was told academic level there is high, so I´d better study!

  3. Thanks Tess, I didn't know Spencer had done so many things, such as his dancing and all the music video's. I have got a feeling this film is going to do really well. x

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