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Saturday 12 March 2011

Dime Radio is now live on DimeRock Records online

DimeRock's Dime Radio is now live as I write and going hard with LIVE REMIXING! from the wonderful Callum James Green AKA Calzo Houdini of DimeRock Records and LikeTheSound favourite producer.

The debut show was only scheduled to air from 8 till 10PM GMT, but the thrills and spillz over-ran into the night with The Streets, Example, Plan b to name but a few and a truly AMAZING not to be missed unscheduled hour of back to back The Streets live mixing online radio for every single Streets Head that made it to The Streets - Computers and Blues final tour 2011.

And don't miss Sunday night's show ... DimeRock Records "Sunday night will feature some soul music and banter. Showcasing Scottish Borders band The Dirty Beggars. You have never heard this before... unless you are from the deep south... These boys are from the Scottish Borders... Deal with it. Amazing headlining band this Sunday Night 9PM GMT."

Requests are welcome, so log on to  DimeRock Records - DimeRadio - here  Download and enjoy.

Interacting with DimeRock is fun because to the best of their ability they actually do interact back with you so get involved - Follow @DimeRockRecords on Twitter, leave feedback, tell your mates and request your favourte tracks.

'Like' DimeRock Records on Facebook

Tonight has been amazing. Thank you Callum, Larissa and everyone involved at DimeRock Radio, including all you listeners who interacted on Facebook and Twitter. What a beautiful night!

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  1. Loved it!! Best radio ever! Loved the love for the Streets!

  2. Yeah, it was a great night, I felt really good when I got up this morning.



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