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Wednesday 5 May 2010

Make Yourself at Home - Calzo Houdini & The Streets

LikeTheSound's entertainment area is still out of bounds while we are drying the foundations and flooring out after a massive leak. With the downstairs flooring up, dehumidifiers, heaters and air conditioners everywhere, it's noisy and a mess but I think we are getting there. 
The video I wanted to do for day 7 of The Streets Appreciation week isn't going to happen I'm sorry to say, but I found something today that overly deserves this spot. 

Make Yourself at Home - Calzo Houdini & The Streets

Make Yourself at Home is a new remix of original tunes by Calzo Houdini and The Streets. I'm a big fan of Calzo Houdini's work and this mix is right up there with his classics. As well as Mike Skinner and The Streets,  packed into this tasty mix you will also find Ted Mayhem and Giggs.
I always find with Calzo Houdini mixes, there's a bit in there that is so wonderful I could easily obsess over it. Play the last 48 seconds of Make Yourself at Home and you'll know what I'm on about.
Great work Callum, thank you very much for the enjoyment.

Read more about Make Yourself at Home here

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