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Sunday 25 April 2010

Mike Skinner in Doctor Who : Time Of Angels

Day 6.

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets Appreciation Week - Day 6.

Mike Skinner in

Doctor Who

The Time Of Angels

Tonight, Mike Skinner's debut cameo role in Doctor Who was televised.
He was at the very beginning for about 30 seconds.

Mike Skinners Role : Security Guard.

Mike Skinner's Line : "It's a beautiful day"

Director : Adam Smith
Producer : Tracie Simpson
Writer : Steven Moffat

 With Simon Dutton as Alistair who wipes the hallucinogenic lipstick from Mike Skinner's face.

Matt Smith as The Doctor
Karen Killen as Amy Pond
Alex Kingston  as River Song
Iain Glen as Octavian
Mark Springer as Christian
Troy Glasgow as Angelo 
David Atkins as Bob
Darren Morfitt as Marco


The video

It was indeed "a beautiful day" after seeing Mike Skinner's beautiful face. The camera crew took full advantage of Mike's photogenic face and large innocent eyes with their close range filming. I hope this is the beginning of more to come from Mike Skinner in the acting world. His 30 seconds was convincing and full of engagement.

Well done Mike, you have made us proud again.

1 comment:

  1. OH MY!!!! I loved it!! Hmm, Mike deserves a bigger role tho, maybe in another tv show... as I've heard that DR. Who is weird.... but it made my day! Thanks for sharing hun!! Can't wait to receive my DVD :) xx



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