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Saturday 24 April 2010

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets - Appreciation Week. Day 5.

Day 5.

Mike Skinner AKA The Streets - Appreciation Week. Day 5.


Doctor Who : The Time Of Angels.

Switch on to BBC1 tonight at 6.20pm to watch Doctor Who and you will see Mike Skinner's debut cameo appearance. He will be playing the part of a security guard.
Matt Smith plays the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan plays his sassy side-kick Amy Pond. Matt Smith has certainly made the character his own with his geeky, energetic personality.
Let us know what you think of Mike Skinners role in Doctor Who.


Computers and Blues

The Streets fifth and final album Computers and Blues was previously anticipated for a February release but didn't make the deadline is now rumoured for an October 2010 release.
If the tracks Mike Skinner gave his fans a taste of last year via twitter are anything to go by and of course his excellent track-record for delivering high quality bangers, I feel confident in suggesting this album is going to be massive and well worth the wait when it reaches our ears in it's final state.


The Streets Interviews

Earlier this year, LikeTheSound brought to you, two exclusive interviews with with The Streets

In February I had the great honour of being approached by The Streets drummer Cassell TheBeatmaker to do an interview

Later in March, I also had the greatest of pleasure in interviewing the soul-filled voice and live-legend in The Streets 
 Kevin Mark Trail who took time out to do this fantastic interview.


Computers and Blues
Facebook page

If you haven't already, join the new and busy Computers and Blues Facebook page created by Richard Shepherd, and also admin-ed by Tess De Jong. It's a great place to share your thoughts and opinions on The Streets career past and present.

Computers and Blues Facebook page


  1. The release date is/was always rumoured. They never SET the deadline, it was just rumoured by "fans". The real insiders knew that it wasn't right. Get your facts right before you say something randomly.

    I recon that Mike (he IS the-streets) isn't putting any of the twitter stuff he made earlier on his new cd. Maybe on or two tracks, else it cheap (also for him and the fans) to release an CD and drop it into the public.

    His "last" CD will be a masterpiece, be sure, but don't remour that much, get the facts straight before writing them down, oi!

    This is not an offence message, but just to support, lol (:.

  2. I feel all of your posts have been great. You have supplied us with great interviews and got us some real good info etc.I do find that first comment a little offensive.


  3. Great site, glad to see someone other that the norm has put this together. Really great interviews too. Cant wait to see how this site developes.



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