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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Mike Skinner, Go Low & The GO LOW PLANE !

Is it a Go Low plane?
It certainly was!

Like The Sound is all about celebrating all things great in music. Today we are celebrating
the GO LOW!!!
Firstly, what is the GO LOW all about?
The Go Low is a classic and legendary manoeuvre famously created by Mike Skinner during The Streets gigs. Here is a good example of what the Go Low is all about
The Streets - Live Roskilde - Go Low

A proud moment here, back in July '09 the Go Low plane was gassed, ready to fly and just as planned it flew over The Kendall Calling festival on 31st July, flying the GO LOW banner. Skinner said of the event "Kendall Calling had the best after show food courtesy of pizza express and the first outing of the go low plane. The Go Low plane is my way of inspiring a greater percentage of Go Low uptake. It consists of a plane towing a sign saying Go Low".

The Go Low plane was captured in action by Streets fan, Tess De Jong

Click Here  to read Tess De Jong's blog reviewing all the Streets gigs she has attended. I felt as though I had been there after reading it.
Thank you Tess.

This was indeed, a very proud moment. Well done to Mike Skinner and The Streets.

So lets do it together, right now, wherever you are it's gonna be beautiful, say yeah! Go Low!

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