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Saturday 30 January 2010

Recommended Sites : DimeRock Records

Calzo Houdini - (Callum James Greens) is a duly respected Music Producer and director of DimeRock Records Ltd, the UK based record label and music production company founded in 2007. DimeRock Records have worked with some of the biggest names and companies in the industry, they describe themselves as being somewhere between indie and major because they have the backing of some of the world’s largest labels and production studios, but, work on a personal level with each of their artists and projects alike - this is no mean feat in a business where the two levels become worlds apart.

Warner Music have recently launched DimeRock Records new website ...

The site is being updated so keep checking them out.

The home page currently opens with full page video footage of Empire Of The Sun live at Parklife Sidney 2009.
From here you can access Blogs and News - Which includes an interesting take on
There is a comments box after entries so go ahead and let the world know if you agree with Callum's take or how you feel about the subject in general.

Artists and Bands and News is where you'll find all the latest Artists news such as LikeTheSound's favourite band The Streets ...

Albums & Music & Tracks - Do you love downloads, remixes and exciting new music like Example & DJ Wire's new mix tape? then this is the area I recommend you check frequently.
LikeTheSound posted August last year in awe of Calzo Houdini's really excellent remix of The Streets "Has It Come To This" titled  I'm Giving Your Bird Them Feelings

Check the page links for updates, downloads and further details of audio recording enquiries here 

The What? Who? Why? section will fill you in with The Record Label, Indie V. Major and whose who.

You can also follow DimeRock Records

DimeRock Records ... be ahead of the game and talk about them today because everyone else will be tomorrow.

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