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Wednesday 23 November 2011

The D.O.T. Diary Nov 11

The D.O.T. Diary Nov 11

The D.O.T is the exciting new project born from the creative minds of Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey, and the Diary Nov 11 is the latest video posted on the exclusive website.
Video Introduction :
"Plan things, think things and then just guess" Those are the words written on the first page of the skinny purple moleskin notepad that Mike has decided to carry with him through these cold months that begin with Gingerbread Lattes and climax with hangovers. The time to be single and drink
Narrates a well spoken man.

"I just couldn't believe Rob had never had grated cheese, it made me realize that I'd never had a boiled egg."

Some of the glorious snowboarding scenes from the video were filmed during the Relentless Freeze Festival at which The Streets recently headlined, much to the joy of his audience.

Dressed in an admirably well fitting black siut,
Mike Skinner delineates his plans with precision through words spoken in a way only Mike Skinner can. Delivering his story with an enticing method of simplicity and calm.
Skinner looks bright-eyed, fresh-faced, in fit-form and typically on top of his game.

When I listen to the The D.O.T's music, the vibe I'm getting is that Mike is doing something he has been wanting to do for a long time. I feel that Rob and Mike marry well together and it's beautiful to be on the receiving end.

Did Mike enjoy his boiled egg enough to have them a lot more in the future?
Why is Rob planning to rent a van?
Is Mike still working on his memoire's
Is Ted Mayhem going to re-start The Beats?
Find out on Diary Nov 11
"Didn't I tell you if you ever asked me that again ... I would kill you?"

D.O.T. Diary Nov 11 from THE D.O.T. on Vimeo.

What's next?

I don't know yet who wrote the script for this video, whoever is responsible for it I would like to kiss your hand, commend you and ask you for some more of the same literary enjoyment.

(As narrated on the video)
"The changing of the season's sees Rob changing his address from the small northern village he has lived in since birth, to the strange landscape of Northern London. Not far from the best view to be had on Renzo Piano's mighty new structure. The Shard is said to be almost a third the size of Arab Emirates equivalent architectural flagship.
While Mike gradually circles towards a final manuscript of the eighty thousand word memoir that he collaborates on with writer Ben Thompson, Rob is packing away his life size kung fu dummy and boxing up his protools equipment. He plans to rent a van with his brother, to drive the one thousand miles from Leeds to his new London livelihood. He may not see his brother again until summer, when he will return North again with Mike to witness the stoning of the roses.
"The Boathouse studio will be operational around the clock, finding the noises that will justify Rob and Mike's time, elbow grease and reputations. Mike will be DJing along side Magic as he attempts to bend the very space-time of future garage. Rob will write a ballad every morning as the Valerian tea wears off and then run a mile.
Ted has decided to think about Mike's proposal to reform their Beats recording company to the task of administrating what will now be known as The D.O.T."
With Rob's hand on heart and heart on sleeve, we stretch our hands no farther than our sleeves will reach. As in the past, the future has not yet happened."

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  1. Nice blog yourself James, I'm a massive tea lover and so really enjoyed reading about so many different teas. Follow us for more music news too.



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