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Saturday 20 August 2011

Pukkelpop Storm disaster - Mike Skinner offers his condolences

Complete devastation hit thousands of festival goers attending the Pukkelpop event in Belgium as a violent thunderstorm hit Hasselt with a vengeance.

Mayhem raged as Stages collapsed, screens destroyed, trees uprooted, tents ransacked - in a shocking  matter of minutes after the storm struck. 60,000 people were evacuated after the main stage scaffolding collapsed. Skunk Anansie reported 90% of their production was destroyed, they have no lights and very little stage gear in operation.

Organizers have cancelled the festival and local officials say the death toll has risen to five and 70 people were left injured in varying degrees and hundreds in shock.
Mike Skinner and The Streets were due to perform in the Pukkelpop Marquee later that evening at 10.05pm.

Mike Skinner posted on his facebook page, describing the event as a "very strange, scary and sad experience."

Mike Skinner gave his condolences on his Facebook page saying "Hope everyone is ok who was at Pukkelpop last night. It was a very strange, scary and sad experience. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the tragic events."

The Streets will be playing Reading and Leeds Festival next weekend.

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