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Wednesday 18 May 2011

I Still Love Hip Hop (Prod. by K Slack)

LikeTheSound is giving respect to Hip Hop, Rap artist and Producer K Slack.

Take a listen to this very well produced track titled I Still Love Hip Hop, please note what I love about K Slack's work - clear vocals, up front without being drowned into the beats. His efforts keep you focused to his art, he cares about his work and it is evident.

I Still Love Hip Hop was inspired by K Slack's friend Mariko. "She would come over and be like Alot of your music sounds angry make something for the hip hop fans lol, We call it Sweater Hip Hop (inside joke) but I just spoke from the heart on something that I did growing up listening to hip hop. Writing at the bus stop, looking crazy with the headphones rappin and walkin, not getting paid right, signing autographs and being surprised!!! Just speakin on various things so people who are trying to do this know what is to come!!" K Slack told me when we got chattin this week.

I Still Love Hip Hop (Prod. by K Slack)

You can purchase I Still Love Hip Hop on iTunes
and K Slack's new album The Preincarnation on iTunes

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