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Thursday 4 March 2010

RWD Reports - Mike Skinner Tricks Music Pirates

RWD Mag reports today how "Mike Skinner’s soon to be released album ‘Computers And Blues’ was thought to be leaked online last week via music pirating websites. However despite the speculation, the tracks contained in fact prove to be a collection of the “works in progress” that Skinner posted online last year via Twitter while he was recording the album. Computers and Blues is set to be released later this year and is thought to be The Streets final album, but may not be the final album for Skinner himself."

RWD's Kippa Brand continued to muse "It’s always funny to see some music pirates get fooled by something like this, good on ya’ Mike!"

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  1. The album that was "leaked" wasn't actually leaked but just released as "the twitter album". What I like about what Mike did is suggest that his album was going to come out in February whilst that isnt.

    Can't wait to hear the new album. Will be big.

  2. People also didn't know that this were only Demo's that he posted on Twitter. Mike said it, but people don't listen. He's also using only a few of these 'twitter' tracks on his album, not all of them.

    I still think the album should be released soon, cos I cant wait much longer. I need it to cheer up, after the depressing cold winter (months).



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